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12 Overrated Attractions in the United States

You know, those super touristy places that so many people glorify, yet you have no idea why? Yeah, I have seen my fair share of “Must See” attractions and let me tell you, most of them are overrated.

So you might be thinking…Tatum, why do you gotta be raining on our parade all the time. Don’t worry fellow followers, I’m not raining, I’m pissing on your parade. If you wanted the overzealous version of why you need to visit the worlds largest pistachio then you’d be reading someone else’s blog. But seeing as you are here, you knew what you were doing.

So without further ado, the most overrated attractions around the US (in my opinion)

Southernmost Point Bouy

Location: Key West, Florida

How many visitors per year: 365,000 people per year

Why it’s overrated: It’s not even a bouy. Bouy’s aren’t made of concrete and this use to be old sewers. 90% of the time it is crowded with a huge line to take a picture beside. What are you gonna do with a picture like that? Not even your grandma wants to put a concrete bouy on her fridge.

too many people

Cadillac Ranch

Location: Amarillo, Texas

How many visitors per year: 60,000 people per year

Why it’s overrated: I’m sure this place used to be really cool when it first opened. Old cars sticking out of the ground as a type of art installation. Now? It’s sad honestly. The number of empty paint cans left by stupid tourists. Similar to a small landfill. You can’t even get a decent picture because of how gross it looks. Everyone and their baby mama’s sisters cousins dog is there climbing on everything. If you saw my recent Instagram picture HERE you’d know that I took out all the trash and tourists to show you how it should look vs. how it actually looks. Skip this for sure.


Old Faithful

Location: Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming

How many visitors per year: 3.5 million people per year

Why it’s overrated: Yellowstone itself is not overrated, but yes, good Old Faithful is. When I first arrived in Yellowstone I witnessed a MASS amount of people gathered around this one big geyser. Waiting for it to explode. I waited for 10 minutes before getting impatient and walking away, only for it to erupt 5 minutes later. Even from far away, it was eh. Not to mention people had been waiting for over an hour to watch it go off for less than a minute. The grand prismatic and other sites in the park were WAYYYY cooler.


Walk Of Fame

Location: Hollywood, California

How many visitors per year: 10 million people annually

Why its overrated: More like the walk of shame. Traveled good ways to see these up close and to say I was underwhelmed was an understatement. I think overall being in the city of L.A is much more exciting than seeing some bronze stars on the cement that people throw their trash down on every day. Actually experiencing the past through exploration of the city and what amazing work some of those celebrities did is what it’s all about. Not by taking a selfie with the ground.

walk of shame

Lombard Street

Location: San Francisco, California

How many visitors per year: 2.2 million people or 6,000 people PER DAY

Why it’s overrated: I haven’t been to San Fran in a really long time, so I decided on my way to get lunch, I’d stop. As if California didn’t already have terrible drivers, Jesus Christ everyone around this area seemed to all of a sudden lose their driving skills. I stood at the top looking down as one by one a car full of people with selfie sticks and go pros out the window went down the hill. That’s it. You can’t see anything from the top, and you can’t really see anything going down. And it’s not like you can race down going fast because of all of the other slow fucks in front of you.

lombard street

Portland Saturday Market

Location: Portland, Oregon

How many visitors per year: 1 million approx.

Why it’s overrated: More like Potland Saturday Meth Market. I hate to be so negative in this sense…but I really felt like a bunch of homeless people started making crafts to sell for their dug habits. Trust me, I have nothing against drugs or homeless people, but when there is nothing but crappy bracelets no one wears and wood signs spelling Oregon wrong, it’s hard not to be turned off by this so-called “market”.

meth market

Atlantic City Boardwalk

Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey

How many visitors per year: Roughly 23,000

Why it’s overrated: We all know it as being popular from Jersey Shore. Thank god for that show because, without it, it would be nothing. I have visited a few times and it seems to be more of a ghost town than anything. Lot’s of expensive trinket shops, a couple of bars and restaurants but nothing that would make you want to come back. Overall just another boardwalk. When I was researching numbers I found out that this place has been going into a downward spiral with the number of people who visit per year decreasing significantly.

atlantic beach

Georgia Aquarium

Location: Atlanta, Georgia

How many visitors per year: 2.4 million people annually

Why it’s overrated: Known to be one of the largest single habitat aquariums in the world…blah blah. So many statistics go into why this aquarium is so special, but after living in Orlando and going to SeaWorld etc. It’s just another place to search for fish. When I think of Atlanta and the must do’s here, the aquarium just isn’t on my list. These awesome activities, on the other hand, are sure to give you great options 😉  Plus, with that many people flooding through the doors every year, no wonder the traffic is shit all around the city!


Bourbon Street

Location: New Orleans, Louisiana

How many visitors per year: 10.5 million people in 2016 alone!

Why it’s overrated: In all honesty, the whole city is overrated in my opinion. Remember, these are all based on MY opinion and not yours. I wanted to love this city, especially since I am so partial to Vegas and all of its glory. BUT no. Maybe if I visited for Mardi Gras and was a train wreck the whole weekend I might like this place. Aside from Bourbon Street being filthy, it reminds me of Daytona Beach with added casinos. Lots of biker people, homeless and cracked out Chippendale dancers. I got overcharged on my card numerous times from various locations. Saw 13 large trash cans outside a “luxury club” and stepped in piss.

bourbon street

Fisherman’s Wharf

Location: San Francisco, California

How many visitors per year: More than 2 million people per year

Why it’s overrated: Going going, back back to Cali Cali…another overrated attraction in one of my least favorite cities. (ps if you didn’t sing the beginning of this sentence then we can’t be friends) Another one bites the dust here. After my 3rd time hitting the streets of San Fran I realized WTF was I still doing there. If you like the smell of dirty vagina and bird poop then this place is sure to reel you in. I found absolutely nothing about this place appealing whatsoever. On top of it has a plethora of Disney related items, the parking is outrageously expensive. Skip this all together!

fishermans wharf

Venetian Gondolas

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

How many visitors per year: 2.4 million people annually

Why it’s overrated: Since I have also been to Venice, Italy, I can assure you that in both places, these gondolas are overrated. Maybe more so in Europe but yes, here as well. The Venetian itself is an amazing hotel, and where the gondolas are located looks like an outdoor Riviera, but don’t let the fake blue sky fool you. This is a major tourist trap and overrated attraction to partake in. Save your money and go try your luck at the roulette table 😉  Some will say most of Las Vegas is overrated, but WTF do they know? I’m biased to Vegas for sure but will admit there are many parts that can just be overlooked. You aren’t here to ride a damn gondola while 100’s of onlookers take random videos of you right?


South of the Border

Location: Hamer, South Carolina

How many visitors per year: Thousands? Couldn’t really find a number haha.

Why it’s overrated: Oh the nostalgia of this place. I use to live in Columbia, SC and the rest of my family lived in Wilmington, NC. That 3-hour drive always took us through South of the Border. Ever since I can remember passing “THE BIG HAT!” I knew we would stop at the Burger King close by and be on our way. Can you believe there is a Mexican style resort there? Not too sure if they know the definition of resort but this is definitely not a place for some R & R. I read recently that some people have HONEYMOONED here. Bless their heart.

south of the border

I have been to every single one of these attractions and can say, without a doubt, they are all overrated. To each their own with what they wanna do with their life. But you won’t catch me wasting another minute at these sometimes hideous and expensive tourist traps. Vacation is supposed to be fun and exciting. Don’t fall into the pressure of seeing things you don’t want to because it’s on Trip Advisors Top 10. Trust me, I could go on and on with sites I assume to be overrated but will spare you for now.

What attractions have you been to in the US that you would consider overrated?? Until next adventure…

xo Bonvoyage Babes

  1. Renada says:

    I love this post for its originality. I can honestly say I have never seen a list like this! I didn’t entirely agree with some of the items, but most were spot on.

  2. carrie says:

    I’m not a fan of Bourbon St. in all its trashy glory, but walking around at around 8 am on a Saturday morning was fun. It was virtually empty (aside from massive piles of rubbish). Good to know about the Atlanta aquarium, I’m headed to ATL in a couple weeks and was considering going.

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      I live in Atlanta so definitely read the post that’s attached to it for some wayyyy better ideas! Ugh Bourbon street was the worst. The whole city was gross…andI thought you mean’t Saturday at 8am to see all the crazies from the night before.

  3. Anisa says:

    Maybe Time Square? I think that is because I live in NY and it is always so crowded. I do think it is something that everyone should see at least once though!

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      I was thinking Time Square…but I honestly find it pretty grand with lots of things to do, I guess if you go multiple times then it will probably get worn out.

  4. Some of these places, I feel like you just have to go, even if they aren’t that great. XD Bourbon street is one that I DEFINITELY agree with though. I walked down that street once when I was in New Orleans and never wanted to go back ever again.

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      We rode a golf cart to the southern most point…laughed at all the people and turned around. There was such a long line just to take a picture with that thing. Crazy!

  5. Edith says:

    I’ve been to some of these and I have a love hate relationship with a few. I like visiting Hollywood Boulevard just for the fun of walking around, but I hate the smells and sometimes the crowds. But I do love stopping for the Ghirardelli Ice-Cream! And Fisherman’s Wharf really isn’t all that! Like you, I’m biased about Vegas. Love going back all the time!

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Yeah I mean I found it to be pretty dirty there but of course, everyone has their own opinion. I do love ice cream though. Yeah San Fran is definitely not my favorite place either.

  6. I’m obsessed with the name of your website and your writing style. Thank you for the honesty and for writing a post that was fun to read!!

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Awe thanks doll. I wanted something that was NOT the norm. I think having bitches puts it way past that category haha. Of course, my posts are always honest!! 😉

  7. I’m shaking my head while looking at the photo of the Cadillac Ranch. It’s sad how people tend to be irresponsible with their wastes. 🙁

  8. Attractions are attractions for a reason! Some of them can be disappointing, but you never know unless you go. I’ve done a few on this list, and there are a few more I would check out. To each their own 🙂

  9. Allison says:

    I’ve only been to a few of these places and live not far from New Orleans–but yes, it’s overrated. I try to steer clear during Mardi Gras and festivals in general!

  10. yukti says:

    Very true that some destinations are so much overrated that we think that someone is fooling us. Good your reviews have saved our time and money. Those artificial Venetian Gondolas are really funny with those fake blue skies.

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Yeah they seem to reel people in and then take all your money haha. Save your money and visit other places!!

  11. Olivia Kaye says:

    I can definitely agree with a few of these. But it’s worth it to me to just say I’ve been there. lol

  12. Loved reading this post! I live in SF and wholeheartedly agree that those are the two most overrated attractions in the city. Tourists would probably enjoy the Golden Gate Bridge and Ferry Building much more as they are more unique and the views are better.

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Yeah the Golden Gate Bridge is NOT overrated at all. Have you been to the Tonga Room? I wanted to go last time but couldn’t make it!

  13. Jamie says:

    This is a very helpful list. I’ve only been to 2 of these – Old Faithful and the Venetian – and yes, they are lackluster. I had Cadillac Ranch on my list, but crossing that out. I hate to see places littered and visitors just don’t care. Makes me mad!

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Definitely, cross it out because it’s just too bad. Disgusting and heart wrenching that people could be so cruel.

  14. neha says:

    I try to always keep myself away from the overrated attractions because overall, they turn out to be disappointing. Not falling inline with your expectations that you build up. Thanks for this heads up. When I visit US I will take care about the points you have called out here to make the most of my time and money there

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Yeah I try to do the same…also I try not to visit very overrated cities because they seem to have a lot of these attractions.

  15. You’re right about some of these things, but I think if they were cheaper they would be more worth while. I’ll take caution when I plan trips around these places. But I’m also a firm believe is you need to go there to make up your mind for yourself. But thank you for the throwback music! Going going back back to cali cali!

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Yeah I know sometimes you do just have to see for yourself…haha I know you sang it instead of just read it right? 😉

  16. Amanda says:

    Bahahaha I loved this list. Hilarious! completely agree with Lombard St in San Fran. I think all the beautiful photos of it are taken from a 3rd level apartment building nearby. I was sooo underwhelmed when I got there. If only I’d read this first!!!

  17. HAHAHA your blog post definitely made me laugh, as your locations you have included are so accurate, they are so overrated. I personally like to discover places that aren’t packed with tourists and all of the touristy things that each city offers, which is basically the same exact thing as the other. Of all the places you have written about, Bourbon St. is definitely a must go to place for every traveler during Mardi Gras just to experience the spectacular show that goes on their.

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Same here!!! The less touristy places are always so much better! I would love to experience Mardi Gras at least once in my life, I feel like that’s all NOLA is good for haha.

  18. Lydia Smith says:

    Truth be told, I agree with you completely. But I won’t mention these places. I used to want to revisit SF, but I have changed my mind. Will you mind doing a post on places that are worth the hype?

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Yes I would love to do a post like that because I think a lot of cities or attractions are overlooked that shouldn’t be so thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  19. James says:

    I’ve visited a few of these attractions you mentioned and I was disappointed with Atlantic City Boardwalk, I’ve never seen Jersey Shore so maybe this makes it popular. I’ve never hear of South of the Border, I would expect something like that to be on the border with Mexico? I agree about Fisherman’s Wharf, all the seagulls there bothering people for seafood and leaving their birdpoop everywhere. I didn’t really mind Ol’ Faithful and the walk of stars, but once was enugh.

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Yeah most people think South of the Border to be by Mexico but this is just an off the road attraction somewhere in South Carolina haha. Ugh the seagulls are the worst there and it smells like fish! Super dirty, I was just waiting for one to poop on a bystander haha

  20. I am so glad you wrote this post. I agree I found Fisherman’s Wharf and Lombard Street extremely overrated. There are so much better lesser known places. I usually avoid star attractions because I am mostly disappointed by them

  21. Its good to see a different perspective about these things. I lived in Vegas for about 6 years and definitely felt like the Gondolas at the Venitian were over-rated, only because its not even something outside.

  22. Winsant says:

    Never visited any of these places, so can not comment about it… but nice concept of selecting over rated places….

  23. I can definitely agree with Bourbon Street.

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