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The Best Websites to Find Cheap Flights

There are lots of things I love in life…champagne, a good back scratch, playing tennis…but when it comes to travel the thing I love most is getting a damn good deal. I’ll be honest, I am a frugal ass bitch when it comes to traveling around the world. Well, let me rephrase that…I like to spend the least amount of money on things that don’t matter to me like transportation, so I can take the money I saved and spend it on awesome things like skydiving. It just makes the most sense.

Recently, I have had lot’s of friends and followers ask me for my secrets when finding cheap flights, so I decided to let you in on my secret stash of sites. These are in no way the only ones out there, I just always seem to find the best deals using them. The key to my madness is to be flexible and have no real set plan of a place you want to go. Just save some money and wait to see what amazing deals pop up! So without further ado, cheap flight sites I fucking love!


cheap flight sites

The beauty of this site is to add in your home airport, mine being Atlanta. When you log on, it gives you a list of awesome deals from that airport. That’s why I say, be flexible. Maybe you wanted to go to D.C for the weekend but you see a round trip to NYC for half the price? The reason I love this site, however, is not for the low fares, but for the alerts. Let’s say I have a wedding in Toronto this November…I put in my home airport, and create alerts when prices go up or down for Toronto. This gives me ample amount of time to find the best deal for when your schedule is not flexible! Super easy to use.

WOW Airlines

cheap flight sites

The perfect way for people in the United States to make their way to Europe, dirt cheap! Although I would consider WOW to be an Icelandic version of Spirit, that does not take away from the fact that you just can’t beat their prices. I flew one way to Amsterdam from Boston for $250 USD and then back from Berlin to Boston for another $250. That’s leaving from two different airports under $500! Do you know that I once paid $1000 round trip to fly to Italy on Delta?Β That’s double the amount!! I get it, it’s a long flight and you think spending the extra money is worth it. WOW definitely isn’t the most comfortable, but it’s well-kept. Plus, do you know how much you can do with $500 in a new country?

To make them even sweeter, WOW encourages a stopover in their beloved country of Iceland. What other airline gives you those options? They don’t have TVs on the back of each chair, and you need to bring cash for food and drinks, but nowadays people have their own versions of entertainment. As long as you are prepared beforehand, the flight should be smooth AND CHEAP.

Scott’s Cheap Flights

cheap flight sites

Scott, you da man. This has got to be my absolute favorite site to find amazing fares on. Another reason why I tell you to be flexible. Scott searches hundreds of sites for you, finding mistake fares and just down right cheap flights. I am constantly getting emails in my inbox for $350 roundtrip tickets to Switzerland or $600 roundtrip to South Africa. If you have a place in mind, submit your email, then keep your eyes peeled for that destination! You have to hurry though, sometimes these deals on last a couple of hours. Scott predicts how long he thinks they will last so you gotta act fast! Personally, I have wanted to book so many that I see, but have only used his method once! $900 roundtrip for TWO PEOPLE DURING NEW YEARS TO LONDON. That’s insane. Thanks, Scott.


cheap flight sites

Scott is the one who introduced me to this. From his expert advice through email, I found Momondo. The feature I love most about this website is the fact that you can search by week or even month to see when the cheapest days to fly out and back are. A very simple tool, easy to use and you can simply search “anywhere” to find an awesome vacation in your price range! This search engine usually goes hand in hand with Scott’s predictions so save this site for some of the best deals on the internet!

Travel Pirates

cheap flight sites

Some good deals, arrrrggghhhh. Okay, I’m not pirate but who gives a shit? This site will help you set sail on the high seas with some amazing offers. I come to this one for vacation packages. Having everything you need in one place makes the whole planning process a lot simpler. They bundle trips and allow you to search locations. Different from Expedia or any of those sites too because it searches through 3rd party companies like Airbnb to get you the best possible package!

GTFO Flights

cheap flight sites

I’ll simply let them explain…this is from their site.

“We rate the badassness of deals using a 0 to 10 scoring system.Β While price is certainly a major factor, it’s certainly not the only thing that matters. Heck, if someone offered you a $25 airfare to Paris on a propeller plane, you’d probably decline… politely, of course.

Our deal ratings are based on a combination of factors including the size of the discount,Β airline grades as derived from published quality rankings, itinerary friendliness (#of connections, layover duration, etc.) and aircraft amenities (Wi-Fi, power outlets, etc). Since our goal is to bring you the most epic deals, you probably won’t see anything rated below a 5β€”or anything on a propeller plane.”

Secret Flying

cheap flight sites

Just another great site for finding a cheap flight. You can search from any continent on the planet and it will give you amazing deals from popular cities within that continent. This makes it easier for people worldwide to search for new destinations. It ain’t a secret no more! They also put a huge red stamp with EXPIRED written on the ones that have obviously expired so you know what deals have passed and watch to look out for in the future.

Other sites worth mentioning

I wanted to give you some not so popular sites to help you find the best cheap flights on the market. I’m sure you have read other blogs or articles on where to find great deals, but hopefully, I hit on a couple you haven’t used yet. Here are some other honorable mentions you’ve probably heard of…but nonetheless, still great finds.

  • Β : Doesn’t everyone know about this site?? I feel like even my Grandma finds great deals on here.
  • Helping you find the best deals on hotels AND flights around the globe. They claim that the flights were so cheap that United SUED them, but they won. Ha.
  • Offering student discounts and the perfect site for finding group travel. Grab 5 of your closest bitches and see the world! This might be the only time it’s actually okay to be enrolled in school….hmmm.
  • Hopper:Β This is actually only an app, but it allows you to predict and watch fares go up and down, then tells you the best times to buy! A secret weapon to keep on your phone!
  • Another airline that might not be 10000%, but if it gets you to point A to point B for dirt cheap, can you really complain? I once say round trip from Atlanta to Los Angeles for $100. Their Den Deals make any new destination seem like paradise.
  • Say what you want about this company, but I pay $65 a year to be part of their $9 fare club. Sure, the seats are shit, they are almost never on time…but a roundtrip ticket for less than $100 to some major cities? I’ll take my ass feeling like white noise over expensive flights any day! Especially when they are so close. 5-6 hour flights might be more of pain, but that’s what Xanax is for right?

Insider tip #1: Always get trip insurance with Spirit.Β I mean always get it with any airline but definitely with Spirit. If your flight gets delayed (which it usually does) or anything happens…you get to claim it and make some money! It might not be right away, but hey, it’s a win win.Β 

Insider tip #2: Buy a small backpack and use that as your personal item.Β If I can fit a months worth of WINTER clothes in a backpack then you can fit a couple of outfits for a weekend getaway. You won’t lose your bag, and Spirit becomes even cheaper since you won’t even have a carry-on! Packing cubes are your friend. Learn from me kids, I know what I’m talking about.

cheap flight sites

Whew, it’s a lot to take in! Finding cheap flights and planning trips is hard work. I need a mimosa after all this. Hopefully, though I have at least helped one person get some amazing deals on their trip! I love sharing my secrets with y’all because I want you to see the world with me! Save up some money to have on hand and start the looking process!! It’s time to get out there and travel!

What other cheap flight sites do you fucking love? Leave in the comments below because I am ALWAYS lookin’ for a good deal. Until next clearance sale…

xo Bonvoyage Babes

  1. I have to admit! I love the authenticity of your page lol. I use some of the same websites that you do to find flight deals. This is my first time hearing from
    Scott’s cheap flights though. Will definitely check it out!

  2. Chantelle says:

    Sweet Jesus, this post was awesome! What a good read. Thanks for the tips!

  3. Tony Wilbert says:

    I love your blog, Tatum. But as a dude, can I be one of your bitches?

  4. Fiona Mai says:

    Momondo is always my go-to site for flight searching, but now I think I might give a try for the other sites that you suggest here as well. I’ve also recently discovered Secret flying and it’s amazing! Thanks for this very useful post!

  5. Christine says:

    This is awesome! I’ve been searching for a list like this so I can do some research and find cheap flights for upcoming trips! Thanks for sharing!

  6. Tracy says:

    Seriously, this is such an amazing post and I learned about so many new sites! Alerts are the key and why I have been to some random cities, such as Salt Lake City & Oakland. Bookmarking this post!

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Right?? That’s why I go to a lot of cities like that too!! Thank you! Hopefully you find some amazing deals πŸ™‚

  7. I’ve actually never heard of a few of these so I’ll have to check them out! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Radhika says:

    Had not heard of some of these before! Definitely bookmarking them for any future travel – thanks for the tips!

  9. Great post. I’ve never heard of pretty much anyone of these so now I know!

  10. Akvile Stan says:

    That’s some really good pages! I live & breath on Skyscanner, my favourite page for fishing cheap flights but I will surely go & check other links… maybe I will get another holiday planned in… YAY!

  11. Suzannah says:

    There are so many websites and I always get so confused when booking that I tend to give up and book through the airline directly. I need to spend more time researching though, because with sites like this I just know I’m missing out on such good deals. I tend to look at Skyscanner but never commit… LOL

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Yeah a lot of people do that actaully. For me I obsess over stuff so I tend to look for deals all the time! Try a couple of these sites and you might be pleasantly surprised.

  12. Ana says:

    Damn, wish you published this before I got my tickets for Paris next week. Ha ha ha! Good tips. I’m pinning this for future use! I only knew skyscanner and momondo. So many more possibilities! I total agree with you. Find the best possible deal on transport and spend more on experiences.

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Soooo many more possibilities but it does get overwhelming at times. I think if you can save on the flights and spend more money on fun things then the trip will be that much better!!

  13. looks like a great list for starters and veterans of travel. I noted a few new ones I hadn’t known about before. happy travels!

  14. Meghna says:

    Never heard of most of the sites but now that I read your article I am sure I will try checking the fares on these sites as well.

  15. stacey says:

    These are all good, I’ve used a few of them. Lately I’ve been buying a lot direct, prices have been good.

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      That’s what a lot of people have been saying!! I sometimes buy direct right from Spirit. $80 round trip, you can’t beat it.

  16. Allison says:

    LMAO “I’m a frugal ass bitch”! Me too girl, me too. Great list. Most of these I have never heard of (and I call myself a travel savvy girl). Thanks for sharing. I just signed up for Scott’s cheap flights. Do you pay for membership or the free option?

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      haha yesss girl!! I pay for the membership honestly because I love to just save up some money and then go! And you find much better deals by paying..but if you don’t think you will utilize it then just go with the free one !

  17. Many a times I end up actually looking into the cheap flight sites than these sites. Sometimes those cheap flight sites like easyjet are skipped in these aggregator sites…

  18. Viola says:

    Wow! Thanks for such a comprehensive list – I’d only heard of Travel Pirates. I’ll definitely be bookmarking this post.
    Viola xo | A Piece of Viola

  19. Cool post! I have to try some, last time I found a cheap flight was on fly4free and I got a return flight from Milan to Santiago in Chile for less than 400 USD! And people complain that traveling is so expensive! You just have to dig deeper πŸ™‚

  20. Blair villanueva says:

    These are very useful! Are these sites also covers flights to and ftom Asia? Hope it is!

  21. Suzanne says:

    Wow! You’ve covered some sites I’ve never heard of. I am definitely saving this for later. Thanks for sharing your insider tips!

  22. Joanna says:

    I really like Holiday Pirates! I have been following them from the very beginning and I was their lucky winner for their first big competition, a trip anywhere in the world in the amount of 1000 euros. It was so surreal, it took me days to realise that I have actually won. Otherwise, I have used them for many great tips and I’ve been to Peru because they spotted an error fare. πŸ™‚

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      No way that’s insane!! Glad to know that people actually win those things haha. I actually won and all expense paid trip to the French Alps too via a site!!

  23. Shibani says:

    This is so awesome, I’m bookmarking your post for sure. I always crave for cheap flights and you’ve have provided an amazing list. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips.

  24. I just posted a similar list and I can’t wait to go through yours! It’s always nice to grow my knowledge of where to find cheap flights!

    Stephanie |

  25. yukti says:

    Some of the names of flight sites which you have mentioned in your site was not known to me. Thanks to you for introducing so many new sites with great deals. As a traveler I am always looks for budget options and these sites are big savior. I am bookmarking your post.

  26. Mel says:

    Such a great list! I had heard of a couple of these, but not all of them. I am going to bookmark this for my next flight purchase and search for an awesome deal!

  27. Archana Singh says:

    WOW! Some of the sites you mentioned I had no clue about. Flying takes the bulk of my expense during my travels. I am so glad to have stumbled upon this post. Thanks for the wonderful tips.

  28. I have bookmarked your article, it is so incredibly helpful. Out of all these sites I only knew about Momondo! Wow Airlines truly live upto its name with a stop over in Iceland! Who can say no to that? Also, you must know you are not the only frugal ass bitch, you see I can give you some stiff competition! πŸ˜€ Will you believe I have already started losing friends because they dislike frugal me and I dislike their extravagance and we always seem to disagree.

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      hahaha so glad I am not the only one!! Right?? WOW is seriously so amazing, even though it doesn’t offer a whole lot. No way really? Well any so called “friend” like that is fake so we can be friends now and save money together!! haha xoxo

  29. I’ve heard of all of these except Momondo; I will be adding that to my list. Thanks!

  30. Amazingly useful list! I don’t even like flying and one of the reasons for that are expenses. In fact, I did not even know there are so many different options to save money on flights!

  31. Swati Sam says:

    Thank you so much dear for sharing such cool sites. I knew about few of them like Momondo, Skyscanner, Wow Airlines and Ari fare watchdog but no idea about others. I too hate spending money on transportation and accommodation πŸ˜‰ Any awesome deal is great to save tons of money and splurge on other experiences πŸ˜€

  32. LOVE THIS! Thank you for all this info. The flight is the most expensive part and I HATE shopping for tickets. It is such a crap shoot. These are all great resources.

  33. Ive never heard of some of these so I pinned for reference. I have never flown spirit but I have heard mixed reviews!

  34. Helena says:

    Definitely bookmarking this post! Lots of sites I hadn’t heard of so was very informative. Also love your writing style!

  35. Roma says:

    Greetings from Ohio! I’m bored at work so I decided to check out your website on my iphone during lunch break. I love the info you provide here and can’t wait to take a look when I get home. I’m surprised at how quick your blog loaded on my cell phone .. I’m not even using WIFI, just 3G .. Anyhow, fantastic site!

  36. Nice list here! I actually love that you included WOW because some of the deals they’re putting together these days are just nuts. Either way, I’ve bookmarked this for later, as there were a few here I didn’t know before!

  37. Suruchi says:

    The truth is I didn’t even have clue about any of these sites and too feel that spending much on transportation is really not worth.And getting a good deal or a package is always welcome. Really thank you for sharing and writing this awesome post.

  38. I use most of the websites you mentioned here but never heard of Scott’s. Will check it out next time

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