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The Ultimate Travel Bucket List for Adventurous Couples

Traveling with your significant other can be one of two things–absolutely amazing or downright annoying. Thankfully I have the ultimate travel companion that just so happens to be my FiancΓ©!

When it comes to adventures around the world, Sina and I have traveled from one side of the earth to the other and been on honeymoon-like trips since day one! 16 hr+ flights, countless mistakes, and mishaps but a lifetime of memories we continue to share!

We even celebrated our one year dating anniversary in Bali!

I’m here to show you all the fun activities we’ve encountered together and hopefully, this will inspire you to grab your babe, pack your bags and hit the road for the ultimate baecation. If you and your boo are adventure travelers like us, these once in a lifetime experiences are definitely something to strive for!

Here is the ultimate travel bucket list for adventurous couples!

Go White Water Rafting in Bali

Nothing is more romantic than getting extra wet ;)…in the river I mean. Bali is known for its overhanging gardens, rice paddies and lush greenery making it an adventurers paradise.
You and your honey bun can book a tour online, suit up in matching swimmies and splash down the river–while trying to row in sync! (This is where the competition sets in for us).

The only way to get to know your partner a little better is to see how they show up when it matters!

Cliff Jump in Jamaica

Jamaican me crazyyy for adventure πŸ˜‰ From one side of the island to the other, there are cliffs galore to summer salt and jump off of. A popular spot to dive off of is Rick’s Cafe in Negril! Here, you and your babe can watch as natives do backflips, gainers and high dives off the cliffs.

This may or may not help your nerves, but definitely creates more excitement. If scaling large cliffs aren’t your thing, hold hands as you dive into the depths of love…or to your death! Either one works.

adventurous travel

Take a Hot Air Balloon Ride in Las Vegas

Sin City is one of my favorite destination to date. Adventurous here could mean a lot of things– acting like a high roller in the casino, ziplining over Freemont Street, or riding a thriller on top of the Stratosphere.

BUT my advice for the adventurous couple is that it doesn’t always have to scream adventure– you gotta add a little romance into it. Fly sky high with your babe by booking a hat air balloon ride. There is something so beautiful about the desert, and something even more beautiful about experiencing these moments together!

Pro tip: Grab a Groupon to snag a deal!

adventurous travel

Go Glamping in the Mountains

Romance is never dead when you have to sleep in close quarters at freezing cold temperatures, amirite? If you aren’t sure what glamping is, you probably don’t have a significant other anyway. Glamourous camping is for those outdoor babes that love a little extra pizzaz while they endure the great outdoors.

This is your time to shine as a couple. Show off that hot lumberjack look while simultaneously trying to start a fire. Grill some yummy food, drink out of a can and roast smores over an open flame as you cozy up in a fur blanket.

The adventure starts when you guys let loose and start trying out new adventures together! Depending on which mountain range you choose (and time of year) there should be PLENTY of activities around to make your glamping trip even more adventurous.

Go Snowboarding in Colorado

A warm cozy fire, sweaters, snow, and many bruised knees. Watching your partner eat shit on the slopes sounds like the best adventurous couple getaway to me! Colorado has some of the best skiing in the United States, so it’s no wonder couple flock there for some winter fun!! #hellosnowbunnies

If you are very novice skiier/snowboarder like myself, opt for some private πŸ˜‰ lessons from your boo thang. And…if you both suck, just enjoy laughing your ass off at each other. Colorado has way more than just snowy mountains so plan your trip accordingly for some extra adventurous activities!

adventurous travel

Hike the Grand Canyon at Sunrise

One of my favorite memories is watching the sun fill the Grand Canyon for the first time while standing next to my man. Sharing a kiss as the sun nearly blinded us. Even at freezing cold temperature, the early mornings with someone you love are memories you’ll never forget.

The adventure doesn’t stop there. You can make your way around the rim of the Grand Canyon stopping at different viewpoints and sharing more kisses there!

adventurous travel

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Watch the New Years Eve fireworks in London

Celebrating life, love and another year of being alive together. We have made it a mission to never let life pass us by and experience everything we possibly can together! Sure, you can celebrate at home with a bottle of wine and some old videos…but there is something so magical about NYE in London!

Hearing the countdown, seeing the fireworks display and sharing a “must have” kiss at midnight! One of the best New Year’s celebrations to date!

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Go Parasailing in Key West

Why play tourist in Key West when you can do something exhilarating together instead? Soaring in the sky together as you look out over the ocean to the city. Pretty adventurous AND romantic if you ask me. (Until they dunk you both in the water haha)

adventurous travel

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Go Bungee Jumping in South Africa

Nothing says I love you more than watching your soul mate jump off a bridge! If they do it, you’d do it, right? This was by far the craziest thing we’ve ever done together.

Strap up and be prepared for the ride! Even though you can’t physically make the jump together, be there to cheer each other one when it’s their turn! You will both leave feeling accomplished and ready to take on any crazy hurdle life throws at you!

adventurous travel

Sip Champagne in France

While this might not be deemed “adventurous”, any adventure you have together can be special and fun! Since we ended up hating Paris–we went out on a whim and bought a last-minute train ticket to Reims, France to go champagne tasting. The whole thing was unplanned and one of our favorite parts of the trip! Those “just wing it” moments can serve as adventures on their own.

Since champagne is my fav drink ever…getting to indulge in it while in France with my man made it that much more special!

Go Fishing in the Outer Banks

Of all the fish in the sea, you’re the one for me.

Okay, that was corny…but the Outer Banks in North Carolina is a prime spot for tuna fishing! Book a charter, sail into the ocean and catch dinner for the rest of the year (if you are lucky like we were).

Teamwork is definitely needed–those fish are fighters! You can come home with happy hearts and full bellies knowing you worked together to make that happen!

adventurous travel

Ride ATVs through a Wine Region

It’s one thing to sip wine together, but it’s another thing to ride rugged around a vineyard. While on our trip to South Africa, we stopped at the wine region to dust each other on some ATVs.

Not only is it an adventure, but a completely new way to see our surroundings. Obviously, sipping wine followed.

adventurous travel

A few more notable things we’ve done as an adventurous couple:

  • Great White Shark Diving in South Africa
  • Paragliding in Cape Town
  • Skiing in the South of France
  • Sailing on a yacht in the middle of the Dubai Marina
  • Sunset cruise around Paris & Saint Lucia

+ so much more!

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adventurous travel

The adventure starts when you both get out of your comfort zone, live a little and make epic memories that last a lifetime!

xo Bonvoyage Babes

  1. Oh my goodness! What amazing adventures you’ve had! I’d love to try so many of these things and visit all of these places!

  2. I’ve always wanted to try glamping. I might have to try to convince my husband to make it our next vacation. Thanks for sharing!

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      There are some websites like Glamping Hub and Airbnb where you can find really cool spots that have glamping!

  3. Rachel says:

    This looks like such an amazing trip! I hope to make it to Bali one day!

  4. Blythe says:

    I can’t believe Ricks is still there. I remember taking an excursion there on spring break in college. Seeing the cliff divers was pretty amazing.

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      HA! I remember doing the same thing but in the Bahamas when I was in college. Yup, it’s still going strong!

  5. Shannon says:

    What a great list. I really want to go glamping! Baecations are the best!

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Since we live in Georgia, USA the mountains are so close by making it easy to go glamping whenever we want!

  6. Lilia says:

    The pictures are giving me a real FOMO moment. Looks so much fun. Glad to see some of my dream destinations are included like Bali which I want to go on honeymoon to and Jamaican because…jerk chicken!

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      haha exactly why my fiance wanted to go to Jamaica –for the jerk chicken! Bali would be the perfect place for a honeymoon! It’s amazing there.

  7. Joan says:

    I would love to go to Bali. This is a great bucket list, now. I just need to figure out how I will go to some of these places.

  8. These are great picks! My husband and I aren’t too adventurous, but I would love to visit these places anyways! xo, Brittany Nicole |

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Yes!! It’s okay if you aren’t too adventurous when traveling! Even going somewhere new for New Years can be exciting!

  9. nene says:

    OMG!!!! You guys are so adventurous!!! I would love to visit Bali one day… it looks amazing. Thanks for sharing all the great spots to visit

  10. silvia says:

    Awesome places, Bali and Jamaica are on our list! So cool that you caught NYE in London, it’s truly a not-to-miss! πŸ’–

  11. Whitney Kutch says:

    The hot air balloon ride in Las Vegas sounds amazing! What a great list you’ve put together!

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