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The 8 Most Instagrammable Spots in St. Lucia

St. Lucia, a little slice of paradise that’s only 27 miles long and 14 miles wide. Never underestimate the size of it though, this island packs a big punch.

With picturesque beaches, restaurants soaring high above the mountains and turquoise waters…St. Lucia is the perfect place to snap some amazing pictures. That’s why we go to these places right? To “do it for the ‘gram”?

Needless to say, there is no shortage of pure magic on this island and to capture the perfect moment is very very easy!

Here are the most instagrammable spots in St. Lucia

saint lucia

Pigeon Island

A former military staging point, Pigeon Island is really for an eclectic mix of travelers. The sheer history behind the barracks, the landmark’s previous occupants, and the man-made causeway bring in tourists from all over the world.

Even if you aren’t a history buff, the views from hiking Signal Hill are incredible. It’s short, and a little steep..but definitely worth it to get some kick-ass pictures.

saint lucia

saint lucia

Rodney Bay Marina

Housing the islands most iconic bars, water-side restaurants, shopping, and dining, Rodney Bay is an entertainment paradise in itself. This means views for days and the ultimate place for picture-taking.

Pro tip: Head out on a sunset cruise for a view of the island from the water and some seriously fiery sunsets.

saint lucia

Jade Mountain Resort

I read about this place before visiting but thought there was a lot of hype around it. Holy hell was I wrong. Although the drive up is less than picture perfect (no really, we didn’t think we were going to the right place) once you arrive at Jade Mountain, everything changes.

Unfortunately, it was not a bright sunny day like we hoped so the view of the Pitons was clouded, but every inch of this place looks like a magazine.

saint lucia

Labyrinth style steps and walkways, infinity pools and a 180-degree view of the ocean.

Pro Tip: Make sure to make a reservation ahead of time. Also, give yourself about 20-30 minutes just to get to the resort…the roads are incredibly bumpy.

saint lucia

Marigot Bay

Another day another bay to oogle over. This time, I’m taking you to Castries, a well-known hot spot when visiting St. Lucia. Here you will find their exclusive resort that offers up some of the best yachting experiences in the Caribbean.

You don’t have to be rich to visit though, Marigot Bay is home to travelers and locals alike. With pristine waters, kayaking excursions and lagoons, you will definitely get some gram worthy pictures here.

Diamond Botanical Gardens

Even on a rainy day, these gardens are eye-catching and vibrant. With colorful foliage lining the walkways, an incredible display of flowers and plants, you will be refreshed and relaxed after leaving.

Personally, I think the rainy day pictures make for a much more surreal experience. It doesn’t stop there. The mineral baths you can soak in and the Diamond Falls waterfall make this spot an incredible place to snap some pictures.

Dasheene Restaurant at Ladera Resort

Dasheene is probably my favorite on the list since we had a super sunny day, and let me tell you, pictures won’t ever do this place justice.

Situated close to the Pitons up on a hill, the epic views from this highly sought after restaurant is sure to make you say “WOOOOW”! As an added bonus, the food is mouth-watering!

saint lucia

Pro Tip: Eat lunch here to beat the crowd (even though it’s probably pretty amazing at sunset too!)

Canaries Village

A small fishing town located on the west coast of St. Lucia, you will most likely pass it if you drive from one end of the island to the other. There are viewpoints scattered all along the drive, each offering different but amazing views.

Houses topped with colorful roofs and an epic view of the ocean, you can’t miss this little gem!

saint lucia

Toraille Waterfalls & Gardens

I’m all about colorful pictures when traveling, and this small yet picturesque place definitely makes the cut.

Just a stone’s throw from the main road, you’ll discover a large pink bungalow that’s lined with lush greenery and a breathtaking waterfall. Make sure to get there early to beat the crowd.

Can’t have Jim Bob and his whole posse of children screwing up your pictures right? (Peep the photobomber in the background!)

Let me know if you’ve been to St. Lucia and where all the picture hot spots are!

xo Bonvoyage Babes

  1. Hillary says:

    These spots are all so gorgeous! Makes me want to hop on a plane!

  2. I love this!! Yay! Thanks for featuring my beautiful island. It looks like you had a great time and did all the amazing things! So happy right now!!!

    Hope you’re able to return soon sis!


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