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How to Travel as a Couple Without Killing Each Other

I’ll be damn if I don’t love Sina, my wonderful, selfless, and handsome fiance…but god damn. Sometimes we just CANNOT agree on things while traveling. I guess it might be the fact that we are two alphas coming together trying to “decide” and “compromise” on things, even though we’re both hard-headed as hell.

Raise your hand if this is you and your partner. :: slowly raises both hands and feet::

As much as you might love spending time and experiencing the world together, I ain’t gonna lie. It’s tough. BUT we have found a way to master each trip so that there is minimal arguing and stress while on vacation.

Couples of all ages-sizes-shapes-nationalities-genders etc will experience this at least once in your life. I urge you to go on vacation as soon as you get into a relationship. That’s the true test (in my eyes) of your future endeavors together.



One might be good at the logistics, financials, and the back end stuff while the other might be good at the planning, bookings, and making reservations.

Deciphering who is good and what and giving each other small tasks to take on is crucial in the process. Neither of you will carry the weight of the entire trip on your back and things will most likely get done right.


In all honesty, I am usually the one who does it all. It’s what I LOVE to do. Actually, it’s my job. So when it comes down to it, I feel comfortable and excited to do it all.

BUT for most people, that’s not the case, and assigning tasks to each other will make it fun and exciting for everyone.

You can even sit down and plan together. Bounce ideas off of one another and book stuff you both want to do.


This part is so freakin’ important. I always hear the phrase “opposites attract” but you probably wouldn’t be with that person if you were completely different on every level.

Thankfully, Sina and I are the same types of travelers–we love adventure. We don’t like museums or history, or anything pertaining to staying indoors all day. We want to be out and about exploring, hiking, sky diving, parasailing..ya know, adrenaline junkie stuff. That’s just WHO WE ARE.


Don’t fret. Maybe you and your partner aren’t on the exact same page about travel. That’s okay! Learn to compromise before you go so that you aren’t jumping down each other’s throats about activities to do.

Plan accordingly. If one likes museums and the other one likes scuba diving, do both! Pick a day where your partner decides all the activities and you do the same for the next day! A few simple questions can end up making or breaking your trip.


One of the #1 complaints in relationships is money. It’s evil, we always want more of it, we always fight over it…just the way it is. By NOT planning a budget, you get yourself into deep waters with no life jacket.

You could think that eating out breakfast, lunch, and dinner was appropriate when your partner has other ideas. Traveling can get super expensive, and out of control if you let it. Swiping that card time and time again without a care in the world.


Know your budget or at least a range, and then stick to it. Period.

“Download free broke babes guide to traveling the world” if you need some help on how to save money on vacay.


It’s inevitable. Something will happen. They left their ID at the hotel, you booked the wrong train, the luggage was lost…I mean a million and one things can happen while traveling. SHIT HAPPENS.


Don’t let it completely ruin your trip and the mood by placing blame on someone. No one wants to be continuously blamed for their mistakes. So, just know when to let that shit go.

Team up instead, put your two beautiful brains together, and think of a solution rather than nagging at the problem. Patience is a virtue.


This might seem a little strange. You came on vacation to spend time TOGETHER, not apart right? Well, yeah…but every waking moment doesn’t have to be spent up each other’s ass. You might want to try a beach yoga class while the other gets a spa treatment. DO IT.


Don’t let society burden you with its judgment. Everyone needs some alone time…it’s good for the soul.


There is something so exhilarating about trying something new…but a new activity or adventure as a couple can bring copious amounts of joy. Get out, try something neither of you has ever done before and conquer it together!!


Examples: A cooking class, an epic adrenaline-filled activity, a tour, a dancing class, you get the idea.

Traveling as a couple can be so rewarding if you learn how to do it the right way. Hopefully, I’ve given you a little insight on how to travel as a couple –without killing each other! Learn to let shit go, enjoy your time together, and have an amazing vacation! You both deserve it.

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