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Seeing St. Croix

 [wp-svg-icons icon=”road” wrap=”i” size=”35px” color=”#efb3e2″] Seeing Saint Croix: Getting Around

What is the most effective way to seeing Saint Croix? My suggestion? Rent a car. The island isn’t terribly big, and even if you only have a couple days to explore, a car would still be the best option. Pretty sure Uber or Lyft doesn’t isn’t even in St. Croix yet, so unless you are staying at or close to your hotel, splurge a little! This way you can go and do as you please…plus how else are you going to get to the Casino?? Insider tip: They drive on the left side of the road so watch out it get’s really tricky.

[wp-svg-icons icon=”office” wrap=”i” size=”35px” color=”#efb3e2″] Seeing Saint Croix: Where to stay

I had the pleasure of staying at the Buccaneer. For all you loser women out there who watch the Bachelor, this is where one of the seasons was filmed. YIPPIE. (eye roll) This place was the perfect mix of luxury and that Caribbean style. Every inch of the property had something to offer. Around 4 restaurants, ranging from pool side snacks to upscale dining…all with an amazing view. When you weren’t eating, you could be playing a round of golf, some tennis, snorkeling in the ocean or even getting a massage at the spa (sorry guys, no happy endings here) The view from the room was stunning, and in the perfect spot to what the sunset.


the view

sunset in St. Croix

pool view

[wp-svg-icons icon=”accessibility” wrap=”i” size=”35px” color=”#efb3e2″] Seeing Saint Croix: What to do

  • MEET NEW FRIENDS: The first night on the island, we made friends with some locals. Not only did they tell us about all the hot spots, but offered to take us for a late night fishing trip on their boat! HELL YEAH! Luckily we weren’t led to a foggy dock where they slowly sliced our limbs off, they took us to this amazing house boat where we drank beer, danced and caught some tiny fish.

new friends

gone fishin

caught somethin

  • GO SNORKELING: Our hotel ended up providing us the gear we needed ( flippers, goggles and that weird penis looking thing that lets you breathe) If any place you stay does not offer it, you can rent or as an insider tip: find a grocery store or something that sells gear for half the price! The blue water mixed with hundreds of exotic fish makes this the perfect place to test your skills in the water.

going snorkeling

  • GO KAYAKING (WHILE DRINKING): Do you have what it takes to hold a drink while paddling through the ocean waves around rocks?? Even if you aren’t drinking, kayaking is still fun, especially in St. Croix. You might not get the gushing waters and rolling rapids, but kayaking around the huge rocks to private mini beaches is definitely something to try. Great exercise when you’ve been eating your weight in seafood.

kayaking in saint croix


drinking and kayaking

  • CASINO: Is any trip complete without a ride into the black hole? Who doesn’t love mortgaging their house, their car, their kids for a night of slots, sluts and cards right?? RIGHT??? I say go to the casino because St. Croix isn’t the most happening island on the planet, so testing your luck while guzzling free booze sounds like a WIN-WIN! Get it 😉 and YES I did say FREE. As long as you are gambling, the alcohol is flowing.


  • BEACH/BEACH BARS: What I slowly found out about St. Croix is that daytime is where it’s at. The drinking, the beach, the bars, the attractions…everything goes on during the day. Besides a couple of places here and there, and obviously the casino. Instead of waiting until nightfall, explore the beaches and bars from sun up to sun down. I particularly went to Rainbow Beach where I rode jet skis, almost fought the bartender and frolicked in the water with my top off. With a rental car, you can hop around the island all day, making it easy to sip every cocktail under the sun. (I kindly advise not to drink and drive…I think it’s mandatory I say that, but you do you boo boo)

rainbow beach

rainbow beach love

  • beachWATCH PIGS DRINK BEER: Nestled in the St. Croix Rain forest is a place called Mount Pellier Domino Club. They are known for their rum drink called the “mama-wanna” and of course…beer drinking pigs! Sounds like a bunch of men at a bar to me 😉 They don’t actually drink alcoholic beer anymore…probably destroying their liver being wasted everyday, which now that I think about it, doesn’t sound like the worst job in the world. ANYWAYS, this place is awesome, the locals are super friendly and the pigs are hilariously cute. PS. It was hard to take a clear picture, they just seemed to be having the best time so don’t judge the quality.

swine flu

beer drinking pigs

  • VISIT CHEESEBURGERS: Sounds amazing right? Remember earlier in this post I said that St. Croix isn’t that exciting at night? Well, we just so happened to stumble upon this place! Nothing fancy BUT it was where the party was at! Outside tents set up, cheap beer/cocktails, and fun that lasted up until 3 am. Shit got pretty wild. We saw our friends who we met the first day here, and they introduced us to everyone there…which falls into my next point…
  • BEFRIEND THE LOCALS:  They have the insider scoop on where to go, what to see and how to get there around the island…listen to them. Make friends with them. In some places it could literally be your savior. Meet locals no matter what place you go while seeing Saint Croix.




  • EXPLORE DOWNTOWN CHRISTIANSTED: On the east part of the island called Christiansted (where we stayed) is a vibrant downtown/boardwalk area. Here you can find all those bullshit trinkets you buy your undeserving friends, or all the cheap booze for your alcoholic uncle. BUT, it’s a great place to kill some time, and its so colorful! We ran across a small hidden bar, I can’t remember the name as always but the bartender will ask if you want “The drink”. It literally tastes like rubbing alcohol and is pouring from a gasoline can. BRACE YOURSELF. That shit is strong, but it does the trick! That’s the best thing about just wandering around, you discover stuff the internet doesn’t tell you about.

saint croix


captain morgan

  • RELAX: This is your vacation…if you don’t feel like doing any of this and you just want to drink your troubles away on the beach, then by all means! Enjoy your time on this beautiful island no matter what you plan on doing.

Fun Facts:

Only about 23 miles long and 8 miles wide

You can drive the entire length in about 55 minutes

2 main towns: Christiansted (downtown area) Frederiksted (tropical rain forest)

Largest of the U.S Virgin Islands

No Passport required for U.S Citizens

Hopefully I gave you a little insight and inspiration on seeing Saint Croix! Have you been before? What did I miss? 

xoxo Bonvoyage Bitches!!

  1. St. Croix is a paradise! The place is wonderful. I loved the beaches and the nightlife as well. You were lucky to mix up with the locals and get a slice of St. Croix in an exotic way.

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