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Paragliding: The Swiss Alps

If you haven’t already noticed…I have a love for all things adventure. Constantly looking for a thrill, anywhere and everywhere.

When I decided to go to Switzerland, I had always dreamed of seeing the Swiss Alps. Being a summer-lovin’ girl you might think I’m crazy for exploring Europe in the dead of winter…it’s just something about snow and scenery that gets me. Of course, I’m crazy…every girl is right? 😉

At first, I hyped myself up for bungee jumping. I was pumped and ready to book the moment I saw you could do it in the Alps. My friend who was working in Switzerland at the time told me he would accompany on my short trip, but he was NOT going to bungee jump. “Um, whatever, this is my trip” (I’m a brat and like things my way) hard to believe right? Well, my bitchiness subsided when bungee jumping was all booked up. I pouted, like always, and then he suggested paragliding! I got to thinking…what was I thinking before? Bungee jumping is no way to see the Alps, this was!

Thanks to him for putting me in line. YAY! A new adventure awaits! We booked our tickets for the early morning flight and once again, anticipation starts to set in.

The day comes, the weather is perfect, yet cold. The Alps are filled with snow and the most amazing landscape I’d ever laid eyes on. If you have ever been skydiving, paragliding is pretty much like that but without the free-fall.

Although skydiving is fun, this gives you about 20 minutes of fly time, making it a perfect way to enjoy your surroundings.


and….off we go.


I mean seriously it looks fake like I have a green screen behind me or something.


It’s like Scarface sneezed all over the trees below me. Absolutely breathtaking.



The city of Interlaken below me, the Swiss Alps all around me, the crisp, cool winter air breezing across my face…it doesn’t get much better than this.

Overall, this experience was once in a lifetime. Sure it would be nice to glide down the Alps when it’s a little warmer and the sky is a little brighter…but I couldn’t have asked for a more memorable first time. No matter where you go, this adventure is something everyone should try at least once in their life. The essence of being free; feeling the world around you…it’s unexplainable.


Duration: 3 hours (with pick up and drop off)

Cost: $170 Swiss Franc or about $173 USD

Company: Skywings

 Location: Interlaken, Switzerland

Would you recommend?  DUH.

Have you ever been paragliding?? If so, where? How was your experience?

xo Bonvoyage Babes

  1. Lauren says:

    This is absolutely amazing! What a perfect way to see the city… Sounds like you also have a wonderful friend for suggesting during your pout-sesh 😉

    Thanks for sharing the stunning photos!

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      It was definitely the best way and I recommend it to anyone traveling to Switzerland. The country in itself it just beautiful, I wish I would have spent more time there!

  2. Tae says:

    This is such a dream! How fun, and what an adventure! I would love to do this 😀 I’ve never been paragliding and now I’m dying to – esp somewhere so surreal 😀

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