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Are Hostel’s Really That Bad?

No way?? I’m not staying in one of those…have you SEEN the movie?

Yes, I have seen the movie and pretty sure I fell asleep watching it because I got bored.

The dreaded, scary word: Hostels.

Okay, it does sound kind of Texas Chainsaw massacre(ish) but please do not be fooled. Hostels are wonderful for traveling!

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We all know that this bitch loves a deal. I am by no means cheap when I travel, but it’s all about spending money the smart way. Whether you are traveling solo or with a large group, hostels are the perfect place to park your ass for a couple nights. AIRBNB is nice but in all honesty, my backpacking trip throughout Europe proved me wrong about the luxury of an AIRBNB.

I stayed in three while in Europe…the first one (In Brussels) sucked dick because the bed felt like a rock and the host made me feel stupid that I couldn’t find his house with no cell phone, in the pouring rain while the taxi driver dropped me off 5 streets over from where I was supposed to be. SO SCREW THAT.

The second was in Paris…this time it was better but only because my boyfriend met me there to spend our anniversary, so I made sure before I booked that the bed was comfy.

The third place was in Vienna, and since I had already had a bad experience with a host, I made sure to inform them that it would be 6th country in 18 days so to bear with me, I might be a little late. NOPE. That bitch not only gave me very poor directions, but also had her husband come down and let me have it for being an hour late. ONLY TO FIND OUT that the bed was some kind of futon with mashed potato pillows that her grandma must of sewn. UGH.

Needless to say, every single hostel I stayed in, the beds were like a cloud compared to that Airbnb bullshit.


So let’s say you are traveling alone…hostels are perfect for meeting people, especially if they have a bar/hang out room/ anything that involves alcohol. AND if you are traveling with more than one person, it’s still a great place to find NEW friends to tag along with. Everyone there is doing the same shit you are doing so it makes it wayyyyyy less weird. Hostels are designed for maximum human interaction so seriously, they are great. Hostels usually set up icebreaker events like a Pub Crawl or Movie Night too, so even more of a reason to consider it!

pub crawl


 You might be in close quarters with a bunch of random strangers, but in my experience, the beds were always pretty comfortable. Lot’s of the hostels I have been to also have this homey vibe to them.


 This could be a game changer because imagine traveling somewhere and plans falling through…then you get stuck with a non-refundable hotel room that’s sitting empty while you are stuck on the street. Maybe not that bad but you get the idea. You can literally walk into a hostel off the street, and if they have a room available you can book it right away! No secret resort fees or mess like that. Occasionally you’ll have a $5 deposit on your room key. Big fucking whoop. ALSO, let’s say you decide you’re tired of staying in a certain city and wanna leave early to go to the next location. SUPER EASY. I mean shit, even if it’s day of and they don’t let you cancel, you are only losing out on $15-20 rather than $100. With Airbnb or a hotel, you can’t do that without a penalty.


This is your own private room with a bathroom…the perfect solution to getting a good night’s rest while being able to walk around naked and STILL get the hostel atmosphere experience. For the average price of an AIRBNB, this is a great option! Plus, if you wanna take someone back to bang, you don’t have 10 other “roommates” breathing down your neck. Icing on the cake 😉


 Hostels are designed for a traveler’s convenience. FACT. Read it on World Star so it has to be true. Every hostel I ever stayed in was prime location to walking to everything…or at least being close to public transportation, and when traveling, location is everything! Plus, the staff is always way more willing to help with questions or concerns rather than a stank faced hotel rep. They almost always provide maps and give you the run down on places to eat, drink and be merry so that’s a bonus. The staff is usually travelers themselves so no question is a stupid one! 

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Bunch a drunks coming in at 4 am chanting a soccer song…so what. It’s $15 a night for a reason. Doors slamming, people laughing, people running, people slamming doors while running AND laughing. That’s the price you pay…but like I said before, you can pay a little extra to get your own private room and still get the hostel experience. WIN WIN. Don’t let the noise deter you, take a Xanax and you’ll fall right to sleep. Promise.


 If you opt out of the private room, then you get stuck sharing a bathroom with possibly 5-20 other people. Not to bust anyone’s bubble but we all pee in the shower…it’s like human nature. So imagine standing in a 2×2 shower with hardly any place to set your razor, much less your towel or shampoo and think of also standing in a 1000 tiny pellets of other people’s piss. HA, okay sorry for bringing that up. Shit happens, hopefully not in the shower, but nothing a little Bath and Body Works can’t fix right? Half of you fools eat ass like groceries so definitely don’t let this deter you. The worst part for me sharing a bathroom was when I had to shit…it’s a far cry from a field of roses so it’s really about feeling sorry for the people who come in after me. You’ll be okay. Just don’t drop the soap J


 At a young age we are all taught that sharing is caring. In the beginning, I figured staying in a 6 bed female dorm room would be the best option because 1) no snoring 2) didn’t have to be so secretive about getting undressed and 3) boys fucking reek of sweat & balls. Little did I realize that girls are just as disgusting if not MORE disgusting than guys. Regardless of who you share with, the room, the bathroom, the lockers, the common areas, etc., it’s still gets annoying. Girls hogging the dorm mirror, or farting in their sleep on the top bunk. People having sex in the corner while you lay silent listening to them moan. HA, once again sorry not sorry…this shit happens. But that is the beauty of traveling. Learning your boundaries, your pet peeves, your emotional stability levels but most importantly that if you can conquer staying in a hostel for a night…you can conquer the world!

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Stop being a prissy Mcbitch with a side of Sassy Sauce and get out there! Meet new people, mingle, trade stories, cook dinner for each other. Whatever the case may be, but stop traveling in fear. The unknown is an amazing thing and could lead you to a lifetime of new friends, confidence and happiness.

Have you ever stayed in a Hostel? What has been your experience AND did I leave anything out?

XOXO Bonvoyage Bitches

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