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How To Turn Camping Into Glamping

What is glamping you may ask? GLAMOROUS CAMPING…duh.

Follow these steps to make your next camping adventure much more glamorous!


We ended up buying an 6 person tent and thought that would be big enough for the both of us..especially because pictures make everything look bigger online 😉 so naturally we got it in the mail and it was too small, yet we didn’t know that until we set it up and my huge air mattress (I’ll get to that in a second) wouldn’t fit through the front entryway…whoops! When you have a massive tent with a high ceiling and plenty of room on both sides, it makes it seem like you are in a mini mountain hotel room! Glamping style.

Just don’t make the dumb ass mistake I made..make sure to buy a big tent…like this one…BIG ASS TENT …that we ended up buying for our next glamping adventure! One last tiny detail before we continue..I buy almost everything on’s just something about getting a box in the mail almost every other day that just tickles my pickle.

This tent is SOOOO much better, perfect for glamping! AND if you are thinking it’s too expensive, think of it as an investment..and cheaper than a hotel room for 3 nights in Mother Nature, cheap ass.


This was the smaller tent..first of all I hated how only one side opened..definitely not true glampling style. Opt in for the bigger one! It was only like $80 more. Still cheaper than a hotel for a weekend.


I feel like this step is important to make the whole thing “feel” like you’re glamping. Here’s the air mattress we bought…COMFY AIR MATTRESS it was amazing…except for the first night. Since the tent opening wasn’t big enough we decided to deflate it some…AND since our car wasn’t nearby ( we were at a campground but got there late ) we had no way of re inflating it. TWO ADULTS ON A SEMI-DEFLATED MATTRESS = DISASTER. Plus it felt like we were hibernating in a polar bears ass it was so cold. Miserable was an understatement.

Againdon’t be a dumb ass like us. 

Funny side note: the next day when all of our campground neighbors left to go hiking, etc…we ended up picking up the whole tent WITH the air mattress inside so we could blow it back up and be comfortable haha. Sina didn’t want anyone seeing us. Rookie mistake.

Bought it on Amazon. You should really get Amazon Prime.

You know there are some people who use this mattress as an actual bed in their house? Yeah, it’s THAT GOOD.


I like to eat like the queen that I am 🙂 and sorry not sorry to any of my vegan friends because STEAK=LIFE. Pretty sure I don’t even have vegan/vegetarian/boring friends other than like 2 people maybe. So, I’m sorry again not sorry to my wonderful audience members who don’t have the luxury of knowing me personally. Pitty.’s the perfect recipe for a juicy steak over the fire.

Rock salt (not granulated but ROCK) and coarse black pepper sprinkled over both sides. And if you are feeling frisky..some meat tenderizer. But seriously that’s it. I promise if you overdo the ingredients it takes away from the smoky flavor! Bon Appetit Bitches 😉

steak on the barbie

See what I mean…steak.


No glamping experience is complete without all the unnecessary decor pieces! Lucky for my boyfriend I thought I was an expert, so he got to experience true camping in style. His countless walks back and forth from the car, bringing pastel colors tables/ rugs/ and pillows was just fucking adorable. SAY WHAT YOU WANT…but you NEED that shit to feel like you’re at home..not out in the woods..duhhh. I’m not talking just one end table, or pillow or rug..I’m talking about making that tent look like Martha Stewart threw up on it. 3…4 why stop there? We had 2 end tables..2 rugs..2 regular pillows and 2 throw pillows along with 2 comforters AND 2 throw blankets. What now Martha.

Go look up glamping on Pinterest and you will know why I was so obsessed with making this trip fun. Look how fun that shit looks. Like we were little sparkly Indians for a weekend or something. Never mind, I did it for you..look at this.

glamping tent


I’m done. Too fucking cute.


Here’s the inside of our tent taken with the Fisheye Lense. The end tables kind of blend in with the outside but you get the idea! If we would of went with the bigger tent in the first place, no doubt we would have the best tent on the block.


Let me explain something to you for a second…at first I thought I had looked up a secluded place for us to camp, not an actual campground. Well when we got there, the area I had prior picked was closed so we had to go to a campground close by. At this point we had more than what we actually needed like toilet paper, a folding table, shit we thought we wouldn’t have the luxury of. So just understand that WHERE you decide to go glamping depends on WHAT you will need! But here is what I think you will definitely need…

  • Speaker(s): I have this one my mama bought for me from guess where? AMAZON. I think you’re catching on.  CUTE MINI SPEAKER
  • Lawn chairs: those portable ones that are comfy! I mean damn, bring the ol rockers if you got em.
  • An over the fire grill: for making that perfect steak I was telling you about!
  • Plastic tubs: just in case you are an organized freak like me. Got mine at dollar general too $12 for 3 big ones!
  • Tarp: because rain.
  • Cutlery: sorry, wanted to appear sophisticated for a second. FORKS, SPOONS, KNIVES. I didn’t even bring the plastic ones because I didn’t feel like buying a 100 pack to use 6 of them. Bringing the ones from home make it that much more glamp like.
    • Power Inverter this thing was awesome! Hook it up to the cig lighter in your car, turn it on and VOILA. You can charge just about anything! Or inflate anything haha, like the air mattress.
    • Spices: so all the food you make doesn’t taste like shit.
  • Scenery: You can’t go glamping in a rundown park…your surroundings make the experience.



Look at these views.


But this is how to turn camping into glamping..not “how to have no fun on vacation with a dad named Tom”. BORING. Honestly, I plan everything like a week ahead of time, BUT it hardly takes any extra effort to gather all the fun stuff to really make it feel like glamping, so quit whining and just do it.

  • Solar lights: we brought all 6 from our front yard and strategically placed them on the path to our sitting area. Gave it that glamping ambiance.  You can find them cheap at Home Depot AND use them once you’re back home.
  • Light up candles(the flame less ones): try not to bother with the real ones..we don’t want some dumb ass catching half the Appalachian Trail on fire now would we? These were perfect at night to put on the end tables instead of ugly green lanterns.
  • A mosquito net canopy thing: why we brought this since there were literally no bugs? I have no idea but it fit perfect over the picnic table that was already there so obviously we HAD to put it up. I bought mine at dollar general for $35! Ya it was semi-shitty but I was improvising okay?
  • A cute camping wardrobe: What better way to show off you’re glamping style? Bring those flannel shirts and hunter rain boots and be prepared to not do anything except look good while not doing anything

Please remember that this isn’t a detailed list of all the stuff you need for a camping getaway…it’s a list of things to turn you’re boring old camping rituals into something fun!

familyNeedless to say…we were Happy Glamper’s 🙂

Have you ever been glamping before?? Did I leave anything out?

xo Bonvoyage Bitches

This post contains affiliate links where I make a really fucking small percentage to keep the site running without ads. Do ya girl a favor and buy some shit…

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  1. Lauren R says:

    I never thought about Glamping…until now!!! Must give this a try. 😍

    P.S. I’d like to mention because of you and your suggestions/advice, our first Tomorrow World camping experience would not have been the same. We had everything we needed, plus more. You helped make our trip go so much more smoothly. So thank you for that! Love ya girl ❤️

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Glamping is the best 🙂 and awe stop it you are too sweet! Maybe I should write an extensive list of how to survive a camping festival!! I’m glad I could help and love you more!!

  2. Good post, love this sharing so much, thank you!

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Thank you!! Hopefully it makes you want to go glamping! I know I wanna go back soon! Not in this heat though haha. xoxo

  3. Your article is perfect, but you forgot the s’mores! Glamping sans s’mores is a crime! But keep your fun lovin’ attitude going. If we are ever in close proximity we can glamp together! Ehe

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      duhhhh! I totally forgot about it! But thanks doll, for sure I would love to glamp with a new friend! This time, with s’mores <3

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