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Activities in Grand Cayman That Don’t Suck

Wouldn’t you rather be lounging in a hammock on a beach somewhere warm, where sun and alcohol are abundant and worries are not? Well, thanks to that stupid groundhog, we’re promised 6 more grueling weeks of winter. If you are lucky enough to get out of your winter funk and travel to this tropical paradise then I want to help!

grand cayman

After visiting Grand Cayman last September, it’s easily become one of my favorite islands I’ve traveled. I mean…the white sand beaches, beautiful people and crystal clear water might have something to do with it, but that’s only the tip of the iceberg! From jetting around the island to indulging in the best dishes on the island…Grand Cayman is sure to wow everyone!

I want to give you MY inside scoop on all the activities in Grand Cayman that DON’T SUCK!

grand cayman

Sail on a Yacht

Did someone say yacht? Yes, I did! What better way to see the beautiful ocean than sipping mimosas on board a gigantic boat. Move over Beyonce, the bitch is comin through. I had the pleasure of being aboard Cayman Luxury Charters that took me to a few amazing spots that I will name later in this post! Let’s just say, it’s the only way to do it!

grand cayman

grand cayman

Kiss a stingray

Let’s all take a moment to remember the great Crocodile Hunter…and let’s not end up like he did shall we? These stingrays are much friendlier. No visit to Grand Cayman is complete without visiting Stingray City! Now, it’s not an actual city, but rather a feeding ground where stingrays graze your belly and swim around you.

The guys at Luxury Cayman was able to make a pit stop here for us. (They also told us that a group of Asians wore high heels here because they thought it was an actual city hahah) Can’t help but laugh at that one. Anyways, mix some crystal clear water with stunning stingrays and you got yourself the perfect match!

grand cayman

Take a flavour tour

The single most important aspect of any trip aside from alcohol is food. So when you put the two together it’s a match made in heaven. What is a flavour tour you might ask? Well, it’s similar to a progressive dinner. You start by getting a wine tasting where you meet, then through-out the night, you hop from different local restaurants trying their signature dishes and drinks! It’s so much fun to experience such a diverse menu; plus, you get to meet some new friends!

grand cayman

Horseback riding through the ocean

Like most trips, I was not able to experience EVERYTHING that was on my list, but that just means I have to go back again! Never been a fan of horses for some reason, I think my imagination tricks me into thinking they are going to run, make me fall and then drop kick me. Stupid brain. BUT in a way, they are amazing animals. That’s why I think any person would be delighted to take these majestic creatures for a spin in the water! Can’t comment on which agency would be best for contacting, but I can say it would make for some awesome photo ops!

horseback riding

Watch the sunset at Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa

It’s called Kimpton Seafire for a reason. The view from the hotel is just remarkable overlooking Seven Mile Beach. The perfect place to grab a bite at their waterfront restaurant and watch as the sun sets fire over the ocean.

grand cayman

Read all about my stay at Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa in Grand Cayman!

Happy Hour at Calico Jacks

Honestly, when you’re on island time..every hour is happy hour. Just as you watch the sunset at Kimpton Seafire, a short walk down the beach will have in front of the famous Calico Jacks! Known for it’s laid back beach vibes where the locals and tourists alike love to hang out, it’s the best place to get the party started! Here you will find people from all over the world who have either moved to the island for work or are simply visiting. Regardless, the people and the drinks are extra sweet!

grand cayman

Snorkel / Scuba dive a shipwreck

It ain’t no Titanic, but it will do! The USS Kittiewake is the ultimate Caribbean shipwreck! This ship way back when had close to 50 years of active service in the US Navy as a submarine support vessel until it was sunk near Seven Mile Beach. It has been a favorite and should not be missed! Although it use to sit upright, Mother Nature gave it a punch, turning it completely on its side. For past divers, it’s like a whole new world opened up! Whether it’s your 1st or 10th time diving it, you’re sure to discover something new!

grand cayman

Eat lunch at Camana Bay

Camana Bay is like the heart of this beach city. Boasting waterfront views, fresh restaurants and no shortage of alcohol in sight. Okay, it has local shops and everything else…but alcohol is my main focus. Its modern architecture sprinkled with island flare makes it the perfect spot to grab some lunch! If you don’t end up taking the flavour tour (which starts and ends here) then make sure to at least pick a restaurant and chow down.

grand cayman

Take pictures with starfish

CAUTION: These sea creatures are NOT to be held out of the water against their will for too long. Just a couple of seconds, otherwise you will severely hurt them or worse…kill them.

grand cayman

Now that I’ve scared enlightened you, go have some fun! There is a beautiful stretch of beach situated at the North Side of Grand Cayman Island where starfish are plenty. Called Starfish Point/ Beach for obvious reasons, this stop is a must do! More-so because of how incredibly clear the water is.

Ride on a jet ski

My favorite activities anywhere always involves exciting activities. Jet skiing might not be “shit your pants” exciting, but it definitely beats beach biking while having to dodge naked little kids and their sand castles. To me, jet skiing allows you to see the island from a different point of view and more of it in case you don’t have a lot of time. The people at Red Sail hooked me up with not only a jet ski but the coordinates to the USS Kittiewake so I didn’t even have to book a separate tour to see it! That’s customer service!

grand cayman

Have dinner at Yara

Yup, I am insisting that you try this place out. Normally I simply state my opinion and let you, the reader decide if it’s a place you’d visit but this is different. YOU MUST EAT HERE. World-renowned chef Dylan Benoit was kind enough to serve me one of the best steaks I’ve ever had in my life! Mouthwatering from start to finish. If steak isn’t your jam, don’t worry. Yara has other delicacies to try like Octopus Carpaccio and Lemongrass Snapper Ceviche just to name a few. Trust me when I say, this place has to be on your list!

grand cayman

What’s crazy is that when I was down in Key West, I thought the food would be insane! Fresh caught that day and straight to our dinner plate. Low and behold almost every meal I had there was like a pile of dog shit covered in bread crumbs…Grand Cayman, on the other hand, knows how to do food!

From the shore to the starfish to the shipwrecks, I think Grand Cayman should be on the top of your travel radar! I feel so bad knowing that I neglected it as a contender for a tropical paradise vacay. Seriously, shame on me! Don’t be living under a damn rock as I have been, book your next vacation to Grand Cayman today!!

Why do I sound like a late night infomercial? haha.

grand cayman

ps. Shout out to Deep Blue Images for my kick-ass pictures and friendships that will last a lifetime…Cayman Luxury Charters for catering to my every want and desire’s (lots of mimosas), Kimpton Seafire Resort & Spa and Tony Wilbert for making all my wildest dreams come true on this trip. As always, opinions are my own and you know that I’d tell you if I hated anything..but I didn’t. It was a magical trip.

pss. If you thought this post was perf (as always) head over to my YouTube channel to take a look at my Grand Cayman video highlighting everything I did!

xo Bonvoyage Babes

  1. Sidhu Jetha says:

    marvellous. I am totally blown away by the images. That’s an awesome place to spend time. 🙂

  2. Daniel says:

    Cool guide with lots to do! Diving is a must there, I would love to see the USS Kittiewake, must be amazing! And I think I would definitely give the horseback riding a try.

  3. Denny George says:

    These activities don’t suck at all. I enjoyed your carefree description of these activities. If I ever make it to Grand Cayman, I think I would particularly enjoy scuba diving shipwrecks and horseback riding through the ocean.

  4. Stella Jane says:

    Grand Cayman looks amazing! I agree that food is the most important part of a trip, so I’m sure I’d like to eat at Yara and try the flavour tour. But I would also like to get so close to a starfish. My name means star, so I am just crazy about starfish!

  5. Wow, Grand Cayman is such a lovely tropical paradise. I want to experience sailing on yacht it seemed like really fun. The beach is really awesome and would love to douse myself in that turquoise water. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

  6. Haley says:

    okay okay SIGN ME UP! This sounds like the PERFECT vacation. I need the jet ski, the yacht & alllll the alcohol 🙂 Literally the perfect vacation ever. & your orange suit is too cute.

  7. We’ve only been there once and it was on a cruise but I loved it. Would love to have a few days to do all of these activities. Great information.

  8. Blair Villanueva says:

    Awesome adventures you have in Cayman islands! We also have a beach with many starfishes, but we encourage guests to not to touch them, in order not to disturb its nature.

    Where is your next destination?

  9. Liz Gen says:

    Oh what a gorgeous place! The stingray encounter was absolutely amazing. I wish I could also see and experience Grand Cayman. Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

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