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11 Useful Thing to Pack for Cold Weather Travel

You’re as cold as iceee, willing to sacrifice my love…

Sorry I like to break out into song all the time…but okay, maybe I will sacrifice my love, but I will not sacrifice my warmth. I am the biggest baby when it comes to cold weather. Ask my boyfriend how bipolar I can be about temperature. Doesn’t matter, we can be on a plane, train, bus or in the car…I will mess with the controls 10000x and complain the entire time.

Since I have such a problem, I decided to pull together a list of stuff I like to have for ANY cold weather travel! Living in Florida for 3 years made it even worse. 70 degrees is like sweater weather to me.

Don’t fret, I got you covered, literally. Here are my cold weather travel essentials!

cold weather

Hand Warmers

Girl, you can thank me later. If you are anything like me and your hands and feet stay freezing during cold weather then listen up. Hand warmers are your saving grace! From skiing in the Alps to outside markets in London…these bad boys have been a lifesaver! You can easily fit an entire pack of 20 pairs in your suitcase or carry-on! Trust me on this when I say these are a staple!

Helpful hint: Shove them everywhere! In your pockets, in your shoes or snow/ski boots and even a sleeping bag to create a tiny oven in case you are camping. The possibilities are endless! AND Mama told me you can find these at the dollar store so stock up!

hand warmers

Packable Down Jacket and/or Blanket

So, I’ve got both of these gems and I can honestly say they are magical. While heading to Europe last year for my solo backpacking trip, I realized I need both comfort and compactness (if that’s a word). BEHOLD a down jacket that fits into a tiny bag! Talk about a life and space saver. They are the perfect cold weather necessity, and go great with (mostly) all outfits! As for the down blanket, my mama introduced me to this last Christmas! It’s the same thing pretty much but in blanket form. Just because my upper body is warm doesn’t mean my hairy ass legs are. Snag both of these for under $100 to keep warm on all your cold-weather travel!

Helpful hint: When you aren’t using one, fold it up, stuff it in the bag and put it behind your back for extra support. Long flights or car drives do a number on your body, so this doubles as some extra padding!

packable down

Blanket Scarf

Another staple in the cold weather..and yes it’s for men too. Not only does a scarf add an extra pop of color or pizazz to your outfit, but it also keeps you warm AF! I bought my packable down in black since it went with most of my outfits, then bought a few colorful or patterned blanket scarves to mix up my wardrobe! If you wanna go the cheap route too, skip the packable blanket and use this instead!

Helpful hint: It can also double as an actual blanket. Set it down for a makeshift picnic spot in front of the Eiffel Tower, or in the back of an outside concert to sit on. 


High-Quality Lip Balm

Not that cheap shit from Wal-Mart. Get you a good, high-quality lip balm with extra moisture. With the cold weather comes chapped lips, and no one wants to kiss a crusty ass mouth. Planes especially can be very very dry so stock up on a couple for your trip! High quality doesn’t have to be expensive either! Look for ingredients like Shea Butter and Vitamin E!

lip balm

Boots with the Fur

Okay, doesn’t have to be super #extra looking boots…but I highly suggest finding some with some fur on the inside! Not only does it keep your feet nice and toasty, but they also create extra cozy comfort…which is key when traveling. From what I have read before, lots of other people suggest buying expensive wool socks, but my opinion is, they don’t do shit. ONE: It’s way harder to lose a shoe than a sock and TWO: They don’t keep your feet THAT warm. Not compared to the furry boots. Maybe the two together but by itself, I pick the boots any day!


Hat / Beanie / Hair Accessory

Did you know that you lose the most heat from the top of your head? Well, now you do. Having SOMETHING to cover that big ass head of yours is the key to staying warm! Buy a cute beanie, wear a headscarf, bring out your inner Russian with those fur hats with the flaps. Or if you’re smart, buy a jacket that has a hood attached! Anything will do really, you just need to keep it warm!


Extra Moisturizing Moisturizer


Yeah, I said it. As much as you are grossed out by that word, I’m grossed out by a flaky face. Cold weather might do wonders for your hair, but not for your skin. Especially while traveling. Girls, buy you a good moisturizer and really layer it on good under your makeup…it creates a great base while hydrating your skin. Not just for the face either…those ashy knees need love too. And guys, this applies to you as well. Maybe not the pink lilac scented one, but everyone needs a great moisturizer for cold weather travel!


Long Johns

It’s like a condom for your body. HA. Kind of I guess right? Shielding you from the cold and the outside world. Surely you have heard about layering your clothes, and long johns should be the first layer! They really do create a heat source that keeps warmth in, and in case it gets too hot, well, at least you can peel off your layers. My grandma introduced me to something called Cuddle Duds. Thanks, granny, they are super soft and work perfectly! Plus inexpensive.

long john

ps. I’d love to have a look at his long john 😉 ha.

Touch Screen Gloves

It’s the twenty-first century and we’re like a zombie on our smartphones. It’s just how his world is, so instead of trying to hide from it, let’s just bask in our own misery. To avoid being extra miserable when it’s freezing outside, invest in some touchscreen gloves. All I’m saying is, try to send a message with one hand out in the cold. Not fun.


Space Saver Vacuum Storage Bags

This might not be the most logical choice on all trips…but winter clothes are fucking massive. Between the jackets, scarves, sweaters, jeans, and everything else in between, they tend to take up a lot of room. If you want to save on weight and space, get you some of these. Easily compressed to fit so much more important things like alcohol toiletries, shoes and technology.


External Battery Pack

You’re probably thinking, WTF does this have to do with cold weather? Well, from more of my experiences, I remember my phone getting TOO cold and shutting off (I have an iPhone so not sure if it works for all). BUT it would drain my battery trying to turn back on with it being so cold out. Really puts a damper on things when you go to take an amazing picture of the Alps and it shuts off. KILL ME. If you have an external charger, at least you can shove it in your pants to warm it back up, and you have enough mojo to turn it back on! I’m such a genius.

power bank

I might hate the cold as much as most people do in the south, but what’s worse is not being prepared. Anywhere I travel to now, I carry all these essentials. It’s vital to me not throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of a new city. Don’t get me wrong, there is something romantic and soothing about the cold, so as long as you have these nifty cold weather items handy, you’re sure to stay warm!

What items am I missing that is essential to your cold-weather travel? Let me know so I can add to this list, in the meantime though…

xo Bonvoyage Babes

ps. No this does NOT contain affiliate links. I added stuff from Amazon because who doesn’t use Amazon? BUT I do not receive money from it.

  1. Krystin says:

    Okay, these are the best tips! I totally agree with everything, especially hand warmers, they’re such a life saver and I feel like most people forget about them!

  2. Ryan says:

    Where can I get some of those vacuum pack bags??

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