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work with me

Welcome to Bonvoyage Bitches!

I really appreciate your interest in me and my blog. I am Tatum Skipper, a southern girl turned adventure seeker who has made it my goal in life to travel the world. I mean, I feel like that’s most people’s goal nowadays right? I was born in Florida but have moved all over the southern United States looking for a place to bury my roots. Traveling definitely fuels my fire, but having a home base to call mine is equally important to me. You can read more about me HERE since I just love talking about myself 😉

work with me

The whole reason I set out to start my blog was to simply take all the fluff out of the travel blogging world. Too many times you see people who “go with the flow” or they write simply to get views/followers. They write what they think people WANT to hear rather than their actual experiences. I pride myself on bringing the real deal to the table. No fluff, no bullshit, just my stories throughout my travel journey for you to enjoy! Here at Bonvoyage Bitches, I find the most important quality is staying true to who you are. I absolutely love writing about all the crazy, inspiring, disgusting, and just downright dumb stuff that has happened to me while on the road so that people can learn from that and make their next vacation more enjoyable!

Have I scared you off yet? No? Great!

Who cares about Bonvoyage Bitches?

The reader who care MOST about my blog come from the United State, India, The United Kingdom, Canada and Bangladesh! That does not mean the whole world doesn’t love me 🙂 I have reached over 100 countries with my writing! The primary age group is ages 25-35 with a gender count of 46% female and 54% male.


How I Market Myself

One does not simply write posts and hit publish. No, no, no. Bonvoyage Bitches does research, finds interesting views and topics that most are not writing about and curates each post with love and attention. I put my heart into my writing (and sailor mouth sometimes) to give my audience the most authentic point of view. They appreciate that and show it by fully engaging in each picture or post. To me, engagement could be considered more important than number of followers, but what do I know right?


The Stats

Bonvoyage Bitches has a highly engaged following over multiple social media platforms!


Think you want to Collaborate?

Bonvoyage Bitches would be ecstatic to collaborate with anyone who fits me and my wonderful audience. Subject to consideration since I ALWAYS stay true to my readers. If we do not make a perfect match, don’t be offended! There might be opportunities in the future we can work out 🙂 If we do make the perfect match, here are opportunities I offer but are not limited to:

  1. Social Media Coverage and/or takeover
  2. Press Trips
  3. Hotel and Restaurant Reviews
  4. Activity and Tour Reviews
  5. Product Reviews
  6. Social Media Management
  7. Video footage


Brands I’ve Worked With

You can read those reviews and watch the short video I put together here!

Ski Peak

Ski Peak Video

 Victoria Jungfrau



As seen in & awards

I have been recognized by some pretty amazing people since starting this blogging journey; along with winning some super awesome awards! Have a look with the link below and click on each tab you’d like to view!

Ready to work?

If you are stoked to work with Bonvoyage Bitches and become part of this awesome travel movement then please feel free to contact me at You can also reach me on any other social media platform! I promise to bring you innovative, exciting and awesome content to help us both grow in our industry! Let Bonvoyage Bitches handle it 🙂


comin' atcha!

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