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what's up baches??

what's up baches??

So happy you could join me! As I start to head down the path to marriage, I started to realize that there were SOO many things to plan. Picking venues, flowers, color palettes, a dress, and everything in between. It can be extremely daunting. All I seemed to care about was planning a bachelorette trip! As I started to plan my own , (because I am SUPER OCD) I realized there are an array of services out there, but none that fit my style. I started to think that I’d just have to come up with a new way!
Right then and there I decided to create something for myself that I could share with the world to make bachelorette planning a breeze. Since I have a love for travel AND planning, I put together some kick-ass ebooks that have EVERYTHING you could possibly want in a fun weekend with your babes. It’s so easy, you can literally download the ebook directly to your phone and VOILA, you will be deemed the party planning expert!

• Her motto during this trip will be “WTF IS SLEEP???”
• Loves to rage, dance the night away and go to all the hottest clubs/bars
• Truly ready to dive into the overall “experience” and will probably lose a shoe
• Can adapt to any situation and will take the party anywhere she goes. If the dance floor is empty, she will fill it; if the bar sucks, she will still have the time of her life
• She is probably a little sloppy when drunk, but always the life of the party
• An extrovert who can make friends with ANYONE
• Brutally honest with no filter

• Not to be confused with an IG model who is obsessed with likes and followers
• Her motto during the trip will be “do it for the ‘gram!”
• She is less rage-y and more of a mix of girl #1 and girl #3
• Experiences will include hitting the hottest spots around town and getting the perfect pic with her babes
• Brunching, shopping, bar hopping, and picture taking is her forte.
• She is a show-stopper from head to toe and always dressed to impress
• An extrovert to an extent but also enjoys her alone time.
• Prides herself on having the best group of babes in the world #BFFFL

• Her motto during the trip will be “low key is the way to be”
• You can find her getting pampered at the spa, shopping up a storm or in the back booth of a speakeasy.
• She is all about the party (but only if it’s a pajama party)
• Doesn’t like to stay out all night; wants to take advantage of the entire day to do stuff.
• Loves to hit all the hot spots but could care less about getting the perfect picture
• Would rather spend her nights at the hotel/airbnb with her girls; gossiping, playing games and catching up on old times
• More introverted who doesn’t go out of her way to make new friends


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While I wish I had EVERY destination on the might be traveling somewhere that isn't "typical". Don't worry girlfriend, I've got you covered. You can book a FREE 20 minute Damn Good Call that will help me get to know you, your destination, your wants and desires for the ultimate bachelorette party so I can craft the perfect Ebook for your trip! You will still get an Extras Package and everything that comes with it! Just a little more...exclusive. 

don't see your city?

don't see your city?

Don't freak out!! We can make an exclusive one!

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I had a good amount of stuff planned for my Vegas bachelorette party before I used the BVB guides. I’ve been to Vegas before but never for an all girls trip. I had an idea of how I wanted the trip to go and what I wanted to do but couldn’t fully decide. The guide I used gave some really great recs for places I didn’t even know existed and really helped nail down plans. Definitely recommend!

- Chelsea

 thanking you so so much for your ebook, I love love looovvee every detail!! I truly feel like the vibrance and look of it, as well as the actual content is A++. I think every single bride and her babes would benefit from it...I have to say my ultimate favorite parts about it is that you make reading fun and the extra details like the packing list and bachelorette games show how much you truly care and want to help make every bride's expereince the best and I just love that!

- Natalie

During our initial conversation, all I had to do was give Tatum a ballpark idea of what I was looking for, and she created options to choose from. The information she prepared for my trip was easy to follow, precise, and professionally detailed. I knew from the beginning that she LOVES what she does. Her passion for her business shines through from beginning to end. I am without a doubt utilizing her services for my upcoming bachelorette trip, as well as, my upcoming honeymoon. I am so appreciative of Bonvoyage Babes and recommend her services to anyone. If you are thinking of taking a trip, just take the plunge and contact her. You will not regret it!

- Paige

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what the babes are saying

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