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Great White Shark Diving: South Africa

Thank god I didn’t have my period during this excursion, I would have been bait!

All joking aside, when I found out that I could come face to face with one of the oceans most iconic and underestimated creatures, I jumped for fucking joy. Being able to learn their history, explore the waters and understand these amazing beasts up close and personal has always been a dream of mine. Anything to get the blood pumping right?

Great white sharks are probably the most well-known type of shark on the planet; with this popularity, however, comes bad reputations. Thankfully, I was able to get my facts straight before ever stepping foot in the water, giving me a much better idea of what I was getting myself into. Don’t be fooled, these sharks are dangerous, and you shouldn’t try to examine them up close in open water. I shouldn’t have to tell your dumbass that, but there’s always one who ruins it for everyone.

Here is my experience Great white shark diving in South Africa!

shark diving

The Facts about Shark Diving

 Sharks are very picky eaters: Making it highly unlikely that they give two shits about your human flesh.

Nearly half of the world’s population of Great white sharks can be found off the coast of South Africa. 

 They enjoy hiding in murky waters: Being such an intense predatory hunter, the murky water allows for cover from their prey. Sly little bastards huh?

They can smell even a drop of blood in a million drops of water: See what I mean about the period thing? ha.

They have a sixth sense: Electroreception…yeah just google it.

shark diving

Where to go shark diving in South Africa

There are two main options for drop-in points in South Africa.

Option 1: Gansbaai

Located about 2 hours from Cape Town, this area is known for the high density of sharks. Lots of tours will even pick you up, feed you breakfast and throw you to the sharks! Literally.

 Option 1: Mossel Bay

This is where I personally went diving, simply because it was right along the Garden Route. A lot of people didn’t actually know you could also shark dive from here, making it seem like this is a little less touristy than normal. Obviously why I chose this location.

shark diving

What to expect while Shark Diving

 Yes, you are in a cage, and yes you will be okay. They don’t just suit you up and throw you to the sharks and tell ya good luck. You are put in a metal cage where you will be more than safe. Just don’t stick your arm out 😉

They provide everything you need for the dive. A wetsuit because the water is cold AF and goggles to see the beauties come your way! Anything else, depending on what time of day you go you will need to bring yourself. IE. change of clothes, towel, sunscreen, extra underwear in case you shit yourself from being so scared ha. You get the idea.

PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. I honestly thought that we could get lowered into the water, they would throw out some chum and the sharks would get into a frenzy right in front of our eyes. No, grasshopper that is not how it happened. Be very patient, which might be hard because the water even in a wetsuit is cold, but the wait will totally be worth it.

shark diving

 They take video for you. You can buy some pictures and videos from this excursion which I highly recommend. I was at the end of the cage, and even though we had the GoPro, the team got way closer with theirs. I ALWAYS recommend buying pic/vid packages because you just never know what you might miss. Spend a little extra ya cheap ass.

It’s a very short trip to the dive site. I assumed by the duration of the trip that we would be going miles and miles off the coast. Instead, it was a quick 10 minute trip to the spot, so if you get really seasick, you’ll still be fine!

They bait the sharks. Okay, people, the sharks don’t feel the vibration of the cage going into the water and automatically think, “let’s go put on a show!”. I was a little confused as to how we would see sharks and yes, they chum (throughout fish guts and shit) and throw huge bait in the water…similar to taunting the sharks. Before you get all PETA on me, it in no way harms them…just simply gets their attention.

shark diving

Overall Experience Shark Diving

This definitely isn’t for the faint of heart, or pussies who hate cold water. At no point in time during the year will the water around South Africa be warm. So, suck it up buttercup and enjoy the ride of a lifetime! I can’t say I’ve ever experienced anything quite like this but I do know it won’t be my last adventure in the water! What extreme can we explore next??

shark diving

shark diving


Duration: 3 hours

Cost: $150 pp or $300 total

Company: White Shark Africa

Location: Mossel Bay, South Africa

Would you recommend? If you aren’t scared then totally!

Would you try this activity? How close is TOO close to a Great White Shark?

CLICK HERE to watch the Great White Shark Dive from my point of view! Until next underwater adventure…

xo Bonvoyage Babes

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