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Mini Cape Peninsula Road Trip

From sea to shining sea

No, like really though. The Cape Peninsula road trip is so exciting that you can wake up, catch the sunrise on the Indian Ocean and end the day with Sunset on the Atlantic Ocean. Not too many places in the world you could say that about a one-day road trip. Needless to say, this is a trip you don’t want to miss!

I love me a good road trip. Windows down, music blaring, not a cloud in the sky type of road trip. The Cape Peninsula gives you those fun in the sun summer vibes with so many exciting stops along the way! You can encounter some pretty damn cute wildlife, drink your weight in wine and touch the southwesternmost tip of Africa (or just climb on it as I did).

Here is my mini Cape Peninsula road trip

cape peninsula

Stop #1: Truth Coffee Roasting in Cape Town

 Approx. driving time from Airbnb: 10 minutes

Who doesn’t want a nice pants-shitting in the morning right before a long day of driving? Coffee first. Truth is known for their steampunk decor, completely in costume wait staff and gourmet, home-roasted coffee. Grab a snack and get your caffeine buzz to prepare you for the day!

cape peninsula

Stop #2: Kirstenbosch Botanical Garden

 Approx. driving time from Truth: 25 minutes

Just imagine, lush gardens, a concert venue and Jurassic Park all had a beautiful baby. This would be Kirstenbosch. Even though Cape Town has been suffering from it’s worst drought in years, the gardens were in full bloom. Lots of hidden gems in here to see and explore, not to mention the bridges, and paths that line the entire park. You could easily spend hours in here wandering around and on Sunday’s during the summer there are concerts inside.

cape peninsula

cape peninsula

Stop #3: Muizenberg Beach

 Approx. driving time from Kirstenbosch: 25 minutes

A surfer’s paradise! Known to be one of the most popular surf destinations in South Africa. The “Muzies” as the locals call it can sometimes run out the tourists, so try not to stand out too much. This beachfront suburb of Cape Town can get quite busy and sandy, so if rest and relaxation are on the itinerary, this would NOT be the place. A popular attraction here is the bright colored huts that line part of the water, which make for perfect pictures for the ‘gram.

cape peninsula

For lunch, head to Tiger’s Milk which is a local favorite. They offer super scrumptious pizzas and cocktails! What’s a road trip without a little road buzz? Don’t get too crazy though. South African laws are very strict on drunk driving.

Stop #4: Boulders Beach

 Approx. driving time from Muizenberg: 30 minutes

PENGUINS. I am sure if you have ever looked up “top things to do in Cape Town” this surely would have come up. Everyone freaks the fuck out (including me) because who knew that there were actual penguins you could get up close and personal with on the African Continent? Wonder why it’s called Boulder’s Beach and not Penguin Playground? The inlet is surrounded by huge granite boulders. Not too exciting, or creative ha. You can spend as much or as little time here swimming, playing and photographing the penguins.

cape peninsula

TIP: I suggest walking all the way down the boardwalk to the other side to’s very cheap but the line on the other side will be extremely short compared to the first one you see.

cape peninsula

Stop #5: Cape of Good Hope

Approx. driving time from Boulders Beach: 40 minutes

Here you will stand on the south-westernmost tip of Africa! Drive all the way to the tip, snap a few pictures and take in the serene beauty of the ocean. Somehow, the water is extremely blue here. Watch out for the influx of buses and people, it gets pretty crowded. We hiked up the rocks to sit on the edge and enjoy the view. You can see birds, seals, and even ostriches roaming the beach. Multiple driving paths to explore all of the Cape has to offer!

cape peninsula

TIP: There is a toll to enter, make sure to bring some cash.

cape peninsula

Stop #6: Cape Point Vineyard

 Approx. driving time from Cape of Good Hope: 50 minutes

This trip, I was over the moon about visiting the world-renowned South African wine region. Even though this isn’t a sprawling region here, these vineyards are to die for. Picture the perfect Sunday afternoon, overlooking the mountains, sipping on some fine wine and watching as the sun begins to set on a perfect weekend. Yup, that’s exactly what you will experience here. We enjoyed a light meat & cheese board while guzzling many different styles of wine. Making for the best in between snack and view before we continued to hit the road. Do NOT miss this place.

cape peninsula

Stop #7: Chapman’s Peak Drive

Technically this isn’t a stop, but a group of scenic overviews as you make your way back to Cape Town. If you’ve ever driven the Pacific Coast Highway in California, you’ll know what I mean. This road is carved into the hills where the sights are just insane. Savor every moment of this drive as the sun sets.

TIP: It gets very very windy, and pretty chilly even during the summer so make sure to bring a coat AND be careful when getting out and exploring. Also, there is a 45 rand toll.

cape peninsula

Stop #8: Camps Bay Dinner @ Sunset

Approx. driving time from Cape Point Vineyards: 40 minutes

If you make it just in time for sunset, you must end your road trip in Camps Bay. This Beverly Hills look-alike has open-air restaurants, bars, and clubs that line the waterfront. You can sit in king & queen chairs, take in views of the 12 Apostles Mountains and even take a dip in the natural rock swimming pool. Stroll up and down to find a hoppin place to eat, and enjoy a fire in the sky. We ate at The41 which offers super strong mojitos and the best view of the ocean.

cape peninsula

If you are headed to Cape Town anytime soon, you must make it around the entire Cape Peninsula. Although Cape Town has many “attractions” to offer, there is nothing quite like a kick-ass road trip around the southwesternmost tip of Africa. If you’ve already taken this trip and have more stops that I forgot, please let me know! Until next time…

xo Bonvoyage Babes

  1. Annchen says:

    Love this! Cape Point Vineyards would also make a stunning wedding location (nudge nudge wink wink). I’m gonna forward this to all my friends who wanna visit Cape Town!

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Right?? hahah If I could get married there I totally would! I honestly want a super winter/snowy wedding so I’m thinking more like the mountains of Utah or Colorado! haha thanks for sending!!

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