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Skydiving: Dubai

‘m just gonna put it out there…if you haven’t been skydiving, you are MISSING OUT.

I’ve always had an itch for adventure, but skydiving was top on my list. When I found out I was headed to Dubai, I knew this would be the perfect opportunity. Sure, you can skydive in Florida at 13,000 ft, but to see what? Some water and some land? BORING. I had read about Dubai being the top skydive destination in the world, so obviously for my first time, I had to do it big.

Helpful Hint #1: PLAN AHEAD

I almost got FUCKED, and actually cried for like one minute. I went with my boyfriend and his company to Dubai for the food show. He was working and I was well, playing. I scheduled the skydive for the last day in Dubai so that he could go watch me instead of going alone. When I arrived, the weather conditions were pretty windy, and they told me I wouldn’t be able to go that day; I’d have to reschedule. RESCHEDULE??? I didn’t have any time to reschedule!!! I was so pissed that I went over to a chair, shed a tear and pouted for about 20 minutes. Just as I was about to give up…I hear someone come over the intercom, “Winds have subsided and you are all allowed to fly today.” OMG IT’S HAPPENING. MY POUTING WORKED. Maybe it wasn’t the pouting, but whatever it was…I was happy! If you want to do something like skydiving, make sure you schedule it in the middle of your trip, that way you don’t get let down if Mother Nature is acting like a bitch.

Now that everything was panning out, the anticipation was killing me. Since the weather made everyone behind schedule, my jump was pushed back an hour. I didn’t care…it was actually going to happen and that’s all that mattered. While waiting, I met this guy from France who was a little scared. After an hour of talking/ hyping him up…he was just as excited as I was!


What’s that quote??

On the other side of fear lies freedom!

If you are scared, don’t let it get the best of you. Skydiving is such a rush, something that makes you FEEL alive. Don’t strip yourself of fun because you live in fear. I always say, however, I die is how I’m meant to die. You are way more likely to get in a car wreck so just shut up with your whining and enjoy this new experience. Do you know what my biggest fear about this whole day was? BEING LATE! ha, spoken like a true girl. Although I didn’t get scared, lots of people do, and for many reasons. Just go for it!


This isn’t the time to wear your Jordan’s and a button down. ALSO not the time to be wearing the shortest shorts you own and heels either. Be freaking smart. You will be walking around, putting on equipment and obviously jumping out of an airplane! I wore some galaxy leggings I found online, a white tee shirt and some sneakers! Still cute as always, but also comfortable.


Finally!!! My group was called to go. They make this awesome little video for you (included in the price) where they ask you a couple of questions, film you getting on the plane, inside the plane, jumping out AND after you landed. It’s really cool to see the whole thing from start to finish.

Funny side note: I actually rock, paper, scissored with an old man to let me jump out first. I ended up winning and got to go first out of the group!

Helpful Hint #4: BE ENTHUSIASTIC

YOU’RE ABOUT TO JUMP OUT OF A PLANE DAMNIT! ACT LIKE IT. Not only will it make for an awesome video and pictures, but will help calm any last minute nerves you have. You got this.

img_7832 (1)

img_7834 (1)

1,2 andddddd JUMP!

Helpful Hint #5: TAKE IT ALL IN

What an amazing feeling. Free falling for around 45 seconds and then a 5-minute parachute ride down to the landing zone. The view was INSANE! You could see the entire Palm Island under you, the islands shaped like the world to the right of that, and the whole city of Dubai including the Burj Khalifa off in the distance. I kind of wish I had more time to parachute down that way, there was just was so much to look at and see.



Helpful Hint #6: STAY HYDRATED

I know this might seem like a weird one, but I was cotton mouth like a motherfucker. My lips got all chapped and I kept wanting to lick them…not the best for pictures. Drink lot’s of water before you go up! Did you know that having to pee gives you an extra boost of adrenaline too?? Stay hydrated!


img_7878 (1)

img_7887 (1)


At Skydive Dubai, they are included in the hefty price and you can’t opt out of it. SPLURGE A LITTLE. These are moments you’ll have forever! I make sure on any adventure to buy the pictures and videos. I never want to be responsible for trying to take them on my own and missing out on the beauty of what I’m doing. Leave it up to the professionals and don’t be a cheap bastard.


img_7894 (1)

Once I hit the ground ( feet first, no I didn’t bust my ass) I asked the instructor if I could go again for half price. He just laughed and said I’d have to wait in line.




I did it and wasn’t a little pussy! I never had a fear of skydiving, but the anticipation was enough to keep me on my feet. If you do it, take a minute to congratulate yourself. It takes balls to jump out of an airplane with a total of 30 minutes of instruction beforehand. But know it’s all totally worth it.

img_7900 (1)

This entire experience was a whirlwind of emotions, but everything I imagined it to be. I would love to go again somewhere else in the world to see if my experience is any different. Before this trip I had heard from others that skydiving was just ehh; now I see why. They didn’t have a view like this. If you’re going for the thrill, anywhere would be exhilarating, but if you are going for overall experience, Dubai is the place to be.

Would I do it all over again? HELL TO THE YEAH.


Duration: 5 hours (with delay)

Cost: 1,999 Dirhams or about $550 USD (includes pictures and videos)

Company: Skydive Dubai

Would I recommend? Abso fucking lutely

Have you been skydiving? Where?? What was it like? Let me know how your experience differed from mine and as always…

xoxo Bonvoyage Babes

  1. Anonymous says:

    Ahhh! So amazing! I love reading your blog!

    • Tatum Skipper says:

      Awe stop, thank you!! It really means everything to me. If I can make even one person smile, or say WTF then I’m happy haha 🙂 <3 xoxo

  2. Go girl! That was so awesome to see and read about! I will totally make you proud and do this when I go there which hopefully will be next year! Love your posts as usual.

  3. This seems amazing! So there is another person who jumps with everyone just to take pictures of them or how does that work?
    And, I think this is much safer that to try to jump on your own. Here you have someone taking care of all of the things 🙂

  4. Anna says:

    What an extreme activity, sounds amazing! But I’d never do it… :PPP Don’t have the courage xD

  5. Alex Datsev says:

    Those pictures are amazing! I used to skydive in a past life and this brings back memories…!

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